How Much Should You Invest In Texting?

Many gentlemen you will approach women with or in front of will look at getting a number as the pinnacle of what you can get in a given night. I prefer same-night lays, but a number is nothing to laugh at. The only difference between getting laid that night, and getting the number that night is that you are deferring your chances to get laid to another night. Which is fine, but it also means more work. Many gentlemen I know will get a number and, quoting directly, say that they, “have it” and then tell me a week later that the girl they texted is “all games” and just “playing around.” To which I say, “no sir, you invested too much in texting.”

It, sadly, has become socially acceptable for women to text over calling. In my early days of getting no-where-numbers, numbers that failed to yield any ass, I did what any gentleman of game would do and look to pick up guides. A lot of the guides are excellent in that they address a lot of great ways to get the conversations started, but they fail to address what I had to learn the hard way… Investment.

I figured that because I had charming witticisms, and comical comebacks that the vibe would be good and she would be primed and ready to go on a date. I was mistaken. Where did I go wrong? I would text too soon after she texted me, and I would send massive, but charming, text messages, and she would only respond with “hahaha.” I became the girls court jester.

So how does one fix this?

1. Timing
When you are texting a girl, NEVER text her as quick as she does, ALWAYS take longer to text her, and occasionally after the conversation is flowing between you two, text her two hours later in response to one of her texts, and then sometimes not at all.

2. Don’t Over-Charm
I would say for every ten texts you send, two of them should be overly charming and the rest should be normal average texts. When you over charm you risk looking like a clown and she puts you into the try-hard category.

3. One Word Answers
Think to yourself how much frustration you have gotten from you sending a massive message to someone and they respond, “yeah” or “I dunno” and how much that drove you crazy? Be that person. This sort of response keeps a girl guessing, and couple that with your timing and the occasional charming response, you’ve literally hit her with dynamite. However, don’t over do this or else you risk seeming like you are unattainable to her.

4. Don’t Ask Her Out Too Soon
Sure the vibe is great, and she seems to really like you, but it’s only been four days since you’ve gotten her number. Most women assume you are going to ask them out, which is true, but you have to start getting her to doubt herself. In a way you are reversing the role of her playing games, into you using her for self amusement, and she will pick up on that and wonder then if you are going to ever ask her out. If it has been less than a week (unless she is explicitly texting you to meet) then do not ask her out. Otherwise, I would text her over the course of a week and bit until you start feeling like she’s feeling a bit awkward that you haven’t asked her out, and text for a little while longer. Then casually slip in, like it’s an afterthought, that you would like to hang out with her.

All of those points, if followed correctly, show an active disinterest with a dash of “maybe he likes me??” Even though you ARE actively texting, she will get the vibe that you are not investing too much in the interaction and that will separate you from the rest of the men who text her like beta-bitch-boys. Also, I know this point was already covered but I want to over-stress the fact that timing is key. If you feel like you are texting too much, cut her off temporarily, and don’t be afraid to stop texting for a couple of days, and always remember that the MORE you text the lower your value is to her. Texting is a power dynamic, and for the most part, women have this power over the majority of men. They silently dictate the rules of texting, and many men fall trap to this game, but with timing, charm, and aloofness, you can escape this trap and fuck them senseless.

Happy texting gentlemen.


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