The Interesting Man

Two summers ago I met up with a gentleman who was learning game just like I was. We had both read similar materials, believed in the same evolution theories supporting them and had been steadily working towards making pick up a lifestyle change. However, despite a supposed-strong motivation to embark on our route, I had something that he did not: hobbies and life goals outside of pick up. We are walking down the street on a particularly gloomy day and I am rambling on about how canned conversation is not really for me, and I tell him, “I just can’t use canned openers beyond the opening line, I feel more under confident using the canned approach than if I was just rambling on.” He looks at me for a sec as if I’ve broken game-code and almost rudely asserts, “but then how do you stay interesting?” I simply respond, “I talk about my life.”

My game is nothing spectacular, I just relate her experiences to something that I might have done to find common ground, this in turn builds comfort and through that I capatalize off of the comfort I built and escalate sexually. The thing is, I could not have gotten there had I not lead a somewhat interesting life. Experiences are something everyone can have in their arsenal of pick up, and there is nothing that will ever stop you from getting more. Except yourself. If you feel like you are living a boring life, you don’t have to look too far to add some interesting experiences to it. Go hiking for a day, learn to sculpt, build a shed, help a charity out, or even explore nature. It doesn’t matter, these are things that contribute to you being a man of experience, and while the examples are nothing spectacular, they are things that contribute to your whole being as a man and form you into a jack-of-all-trades type.

“I spent all morning walking in the park, the weather is so beautiful!” she will tell you. “Tell me about it,” you respond, “I just went for the most exhilarating hike the other day! When was the last time you went for a good hike?”

When you have life experiences, no matter how big or small, and you can recall them fondly to a female in your presence, she will feel feminine because she will feel like she is in the company of a man. Why? Because a man who has experience in life is a man who is adventurous, and adventure is interesting. Interesting men build, interesting men create and interesting men get shit done. When you have an arsenal of experiences under your belt, you become that man, and that man is interesting to all women.

Some men have a fear of the unknown, and a fear of starting something new, and sadly those men will never reach the life they feel they deserve, even if they have an arsenal of canned openers under their belt; a pretty cover can not stop a book from being shitty. Recently I caught up with that pick-up-minded gentleman at a bar I like to frequent. I asked him how it was going, what he had been upto and how his quest for pussy had went. He told me he stopped focusing on the whole pick up thing, and is working the same job he told me about from two years ago, and that his successes with women as a whole had been limited. Initially I felt bad for him, but I remained reserved and said, “that’s interesting.”


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