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Cigar Review: Macanudo Gigante Maduro


One of the unique things about reviewing cigars is that I get to try out cigar’s from brands I have been fond of, but did not delve much deeper into beyond a couple sticks from those particular brands. Last year the gentleman I buy cigars from pushed me to try the very expensive Macanudo Inspirado (upon further research this price point was due to the heavy import price he paid), and while I really enjoyed the Inspirado, I did not try anything beyond that single stick I purchased. Fortunately however, recently I got to revisit this brand when Anthony over at Cigar’s City threw in a couple sticks from the Maduro line for me. Enter the Macanudo Gigante Maduro, not an overly complex cigar, but a light cigar that is complimented by subtle flavours of cocoa and woods that make for a comfortable smoking experience.

The Maduro’s packaging is nothing special. The Maduro has a dark brown wrapper that feels relatively smooth to the lips. In addition, the overall construction of the Maduro is fairly sturdy; both Maduros that I received cut with ease. The cigar sports a classy band, with black and gold comprising the logo over top a white and brown base.

The Maduro is what I would describe as having struck a fine balance between a mild and mid-bodied cigar  – the Maduro draws smooth and light like a mild bodied cigar would, but carries the thickness of smoke that I’m more accustomed to from a mid-bodied cigar. The initial flavour of the Maduro is pleasant, with a quality tasting tobacco complimented by light woods and cocoa flavours. About half way through the cigar the flavour stays consistent with the light cocoa flavour becoming slightly more predominant. The only gripe I had with the two I smoked was the poor quality of the ash, which lead me to ashing more then I wanted to. The Maduro is not overly complex, and the flavours never build up like you might expect from the initial puff’s, but with the light flavours the Maduro does carry it provides a consistently comfortable smoking experience.

The Gigante Maduro is not the most complex cigar, but it is a well balanced mild cigar that makes for a pleasurable smoking experience. The Maduro is an excellent cigar for new comers to cigar smoking, or simply for smokers who wants something that is not too overwhelming but delivers excellent taste. The Gigante Maduro has earned it’s place in my humidor, and for that, I recommend this cigar to smokers of all types.

If you want to try this, and other cigars, I suggest you check out Cigars City!


The Issue With Affirmative Consent

People who oppose affirmative consent are being categorized as patriarchal drones and/or closet rapists by many feminists, and I am aware that by trying to be critical of something the feminist movement is currently championing, I too will be potentially labelled as such. However, I am not writing this for feminism, or to even really challenge proprietors of feminism, but I am writing this for the critical minded gentleman who may or may not agree with the push for affirmative consent. For those who have not heard of the current push for affirmative consent, it is the concept that in order for partners to proceed towards sex, the person engaging in sex (the man presumably) must acquire an explicit yes before the passionate encounter can escalate towards sex. Opposer’s to the affirmative consent movement often cling to the grey area argument, and that is that sexual interactions are not cut and dry, and instances such as ‘heat of the moment’ interactions can lead partners to engaging in sex without much forethought, or mixed signals from both parties can lead to partners engaging in sex without fully verbalizing what is happening and lead to terrible implications (see: rape). Many opponents (see: feminism) of the grey area argument view it as a result of men not understanding women and what women want, and view the grey area argument as an ideology fuelled by rape culture. The issue with the affirmative consent argument is that there are flaws to both sides of the debate. Some men do misconstrue obvious signals when trying to obtain sex and this can lead to devastating consequences for both parties involved, but with that being said, many feminists have a large disconnect between sex and the biological realities that drive it. That is why I cannot support affirmative consent, but I can support some variation of cultural understanding between both parties in regards to sex.

EverydayFeminism.Com has a article entitled Debunking the “Gray Area” Myth, and while there are some valid points to be found within this article, there are also some silly ones that need to be addressed. There are three out of six points I agree with on Everyday Feminism’s write up; I agree with the argument that men should not rape because a woman is dressed a certain way; that is reasonable and certainly should considered rape if a man believes he is entitled to that woman’s sugar walls simply because she is dressed a certain way. In addition, if a woman flirts with you, you are also not entitled to sex based on this factor alone. Lastly, being owed sex simply because you are dating does not entitle you to use your girl’s sugar walls freely, and if done forcefully, it is rape. These three points brought up in Everyday Feminism’s article are all points I can side with. Forcing of sex is not right in any circumstance, and that is infact rape. So, this leaves three points that Everyday Feminism brings up that I do not agree with.

Everyday Feminism’s point that, “They kept saying ‘no’ but eventually said ‘yes'” make sense from a non-critical view of human nature because presumably this could be a product of force and the yes was acquired out of brute deception, but that would be removing ourselves from reality. You see, when I was a budding young gentleman of game I encountered a situation similar to this where the female kept resisting and eventually I stopped, and hoped that we could potentially make sticky at a later date. That date never came. I asked a friend who was closer to this female than I was on why she was no longer interested, and my friend responded, “because you weren’t persistent enough.” Now, we could conclude that this is a small fraction of women that do this and hand Everyday Feminism an award in human enlightenment, but in my experience, and the experience of other men, this is not a small fraction of women. Even more confusing is that these same women, when pushed to eventually have sex, will usually continue to have sex with the same person who pressured them the first time. Now of course, because you need to spell it out for feminists or automatically their minds jump to catastrophe (see: rape), if she is clearly uncomfortable by your advances, – moving away, disgusted when you touch her, pushing you away at the slightest motion towards her, and trying to leave but you won’t let her, etc. – but you still force your dick inside, then you are raping my friend. However, if she continues to stay, and accepts your continuing escalation (by physically responding by appearing aroused) despite verbalizing her disagreement with what is happening, then she is enjoying the escalation. Feminists will instantly pull out the, “you are saying women do not know what they want” card, and well, that is exactly what I am saying. This same scenario has happened to me more times than I can count, and approximately zero times was I accused of rape – the majority of these women actively liked me after.

The second point Everyday Feminism brings up is “They didn’t say ‘no’…” Here is a primer to prevent budding gentlemen from rapism: If you force your dick in without any sort of interaction, then it is rape. The issue with this point is that it does not root itself in reality. I have had several instances where the passion was so high after a night of courtship, and it lead the female and I to making out, and as they say “one thing lead to another,” and we ended up having sex. No where in that process did we communicate active consent, it was just assumed. I guess the intervals where the woman asked me “do you have a condom?” implied that I was a vicious rapist and she was asking me to stop, or maybe I am just socially retarded.

Lastly, Everyday Feminism asserts “We were both wasted, but we both really wanted it.” This is a muddy point because Everyday Feminism half implies that there is a normative process of people engaging in intercourse drunk, but again as my handy little primer states: if you force your dick in without any sort of interaction, then it is rape. If she is passed the fuck out, do not do some scumbag shit and rail her, but if she is drunk but coherent, and you also are drunk but coherent, and passion leads you to potential pussy, then go for it sir. However, the issue here is that feminists have a presumption that men are responsible for sex when drunk and even if equally drunk, he is always the victimizer. So I guess Everyday Feminism believes you can circumvent this issue by giving affirmative consent, but again, refer to points one and two, these ideas have no basis in reality in conjunction with female desire. The logic of making sure you are in the clear to engage in intercourse is sound, but it goes against female desire.

Women want to be desired, and there is a masculine component, that whether or not it is socially conditioned or biologically programmed, that states men lead and women follow. Men asking if they can proceed with the sex that both parties so dearly want is not masculine, that is putting the realm of sexual desire as a power women have control over, and thus this negates their interest in proceeding with sex. The only way I could say that Everyday Feminism is right in their support of affirmative consent is if you as a man are so socially retarded that you cannot decipher a woman being uncomfortable vs. a woman being primed and ready for sex. So, then of course, affirmative consent has a place for a small fraction of socially retarded men, but the majority have a different idea about sex, and the model of affirmative consent does not fit into that idea at all. Alternatively, I should ask Everyday Feminism why the onus is not for women to lead sexual interactions from now on? Why do they not gain male consent? By this logic, I could argue those times a woman pulled my cock out and started riding me, WITH ZERO CONSENT (brb, PTSD), raped me. Such arguments would sound silly, but they fit in line with the eqaulist ideology that affirmative consenters feel is gospel… or maybe feminism has been working towards making women immune to any sort of judgement or punishment when it comes to sexual choices… No, that cannot be it, I’m just crazy.

Safe gaming gentlemen.

Variety Store Cigars

I think it’s a little bit odd that I created a blog that was founded on me smoking cigars after getting laid one night but there is an incredible absence of cigar talk present here. So, with that being said, instead of writing glowing reviews of my favourite Cohiba or standard cuban cigar talk, I’m going to bring this one back to my roots…


You see, my first introduction to cigars was actually a good one. I was at a party with art kids in attendance, slightly drunk of course, and one of the fine gentlemen there offered me a cigar that he had picked up from cuba. Now, I’m not certain of the brand, but judging by the taste I’m fairly certain it was a Romeo y Julieta, and from that moment on, I was sold.

Despite this though, and more accordingly to my roots, I would hang out in drug dens while older drug dealing gentlemen would pass around bags of Backwoods or packs of Swisher Sweets to either smoke, or cut open and roll their weed up with. I was always fond of the cigars and despite the ironic scumbag image that these gentlemen gave said cigars, after trying my first, arguably best to some (see: Romeo y Julieta), cigar, I decided to go down to my local variety store and spend ten dollars on a couple different cigars only out of pure interest hoping they could imitate my first experience. I would later hang out in other drug dens and bring along packs of cheap cigars to smoke with the gentlemen who occupied them, and over time I have grown accustomed to having certain preferences for cheap variety store cigars and actually really enjoy some of them.

Of course, these cigars are not even remotely close to a nice Cohiba, and I know veteran cigar smokers will look at this as drivel, but, I believe like cheap beer has it’s place in every beer connoisseur’s fridge, cheap cigars have their place in every gentleman’s humidors.

1. Phillies Blunt Chocolate Cigars

This is one of the few cheap cigars you will buy that has a smell that does not smell cheap like other cheap variety store cigars you may purchase. In addition to the decent smell, the taste after the initial puff is very good. Something about the chocolate flavouring that covers this cigar burns well with the cheap tobacco. However, I must note that about less than halfway through burning, the poor quality of this cigar really does show, and unless you smoke cigars out of habit, smoking the rest of this cigar becomes slightly gross. However, for a good relaxing moment, this cigar does the job just fine and has become one of my favourite variety store cigars.

2. Pom Pom Opera’s

These fall more into the cigarillo category, and because of that the smoke is a bit harsher. I never intended to try Pom Pom’s because I had some weird bias against the cigar’s packaging, but I was randomly gifted a pack of them by a girl I was seeing, so I decided to smoke them. The initial taste is a bit overwhelming, but that is a result of cheap tobacco and small size making it harsher, but, as you keep smoking the little Pom Pom, I’ve noticed the taste of this cigar unlike Prime Times or Colts, is a bit smoother tasting and somewhat enjoyable. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt like there’s a chemical taste to Prime Times and Colts, but Pom Pom Opera’s – not the tipped ones mind you – don’t really seem to have such a taste. Not bad for seven dollars.

3. Backwoods Original

I always avoided these cigars because the packaging really seemed cheap as fuck, more so than other cheap cigars, and I deduced that because of such cheapness, these would be even worse than other variety store cigars. However, despite drug den gentlemen smoking these with their weed, a good friend of mine who mutually enjoys finer cigars brought over a bag of these to my place one night. Overcoming my ignorance I decided to try one. I was surprised as this cigar, similar to the Pom Pom, didn’t retain the chemical flavouring of other cheap cigars I have smoked, but burned fairly well and even smelled decent. The initial taste Is fairly smooth considering, and the overall smoking of it is an enjoyable one.

So gentlemen, there you have it. My top three variety store cigars. Again, these cigars don’t replace my usual smoking of a nice import cigar, but there is a time and a place for variety store cigars and these three seem to be the best tasting ones for such a low price. Keep in mind, cigar smoking for a lot of gentlemen is personal, no matter what cigar you smoke, but having lingered in the cigar-o-sphere (coined a new term?) for some time, this is a small contribution that I hope some of you can appreciate.

False Alphahood

I see it all the time. A beta-bitch-boy steps out of his comfort zone and does what he assumes is masculine. He does this in ways such as acting aggressive when entering a room usually by slamming the door, or even by trying to belittle other men around him, but not loud enough for those men to hear him. These actions of course are only done in front of a woman and It usually results in one of two responses:
1. The woman does not notice it out of awkwardness for the beta, or because she genuinely does not care.
2. The woman quickly puts the beta-bitch-boy in his place through asking why he is acting weird or by pointing out that his action was unjustified, or the woman will make a silent demand of the beta bitch boy to assert dominance over him.
Sadly, these beta-bitch-boys are fulfilling a script, one that they assume is the route to masculinity and the script that they look to when their girlfriends cheat on them or females friend-zone them. These beta-bitch-boys live in a state of false alpha hood.

Unlike the beta-bitch-boy nice guy, these betas do understand that women like some element of masculinity, but they are apologetic about that masculinity the second the girl they act in front of shows any level of discomfort. Essentially they are beta-bitch-boys with a slight edge, with an emphasis on the word edge. I have a male acquaintance that I see at friendly gatherings from time to time and he embodies this beta-bitch-boy with an edge model perfectly. For the sake of anonymity we will call this beta-bitch-boy, Bob. Bob has an overweight girlfriend named Helga. Hela always sits around at these gatherings, and she always seems dissatisfied with everything going on (probably because she is overweight) and silently makes judgements to Bob about everyone while Bob sits there and shakes his head like a dog wagging his tale after receiving a treat. Bob however tries to be one of the guys more often than not, and will agree when we gawk at an attractive female on the TV or will try to jokingly assert that he too dominates his relationship and will keep his “bitch in line.” This is met by Helga giving looks of disgust and Bob quickly, and silently, apologizing. I notice every time after Bob tries to imitate a real man, and I’m not even sure Helga is consciously aware that she is doing it, that Helga will ask a request of Bob. “Can you grab me a pop Bob?” “Can you go to the truck and grab my sweater?” “My back hurts, can you dig through the fat and massage my muscles?” Helga keeps her pimp hand strong, and Bob gladly wags his tail every time Helga opens it.

Bob and Helga are a common example of beta-bitch-boy with an overweight girlfriend model, and a typical example of false alphahood. Examining the above story, Helga allows little Bob to joke with the guys, let’s him jokingly act dominant, but she never lets him dominate her. Bob can at-least rationalize to himself that he is acting the same way real men act with their girlfriends, and therefore he tells himself he is fine being dominated by Helga. Helga however, she lusts for a real man, and she hopes that the cookie crumbs she has laid out to manhood for Bob, will eventually fill Bob up and make him a grown man who takes charge.  Helga will continuously test Bob’s manhood with one of her fine-tuned request-tests, and her fat pussy salivates at the idea that he might say no, but Bob is a bitch-boy of routine, a bitch-boy of feminine honour, and to Helga’s pussy’s disgust, Bob’s tail starts wagging and he happily says yes. As I found out later, and had already assumed, Helga cheated on Bob with one of her ex-boyfriends. Naturally, Bob got upset, but that upset was not directed at Helga. No, that upset was directed at the ex-boyfriend, after all, how dare he act like a man and attract Helga. As I learned later, Bob and Helga barely even had a fight about it, Bob swiftly got back with Helga. A month later I read that Helga was going to dinner with this ex-boyfriend and a couple of her other friends. Bob suffered in silence. What a good beta-bitch-boy. I saw Bob and Helga again the other night, and it was the same story: Bob jokes about being the man who “keeps his bitch in line” and Helga does her manhood aptitude test by hitting him with a juvenile request. Small trade off to kind of feel like the man. Right?

Beta bitch boys will adapt to whatever demands they perceive the group of females as having, but much as we see with Bob, beta bitch boys will try to leave this mould through actions that suggest masculinity, but ultimately this false alphahood is only a small thirst quencher of what being a man is like. Gentlemen like Bob (see: beta bitch boys) who try their hand at alphahood will be punished and condemned to beta-tude by their female leaders. Gentlemen like Bob are unfortunate cases, because they will always that there is a crack in their masculinity and they try to fill that crack with approval of a female only to find out in the end that it does not fit. Female approval might fit the crack at first, but this forced insertion into the cracks will eventually loosen it self and fall out, and sadly each time Bob picks female approval back up and forces it into the crack of his masculinity, the crack grows…

And that crack grows until Bob’s manhood is ultimately broken.

Fucking A Feminist

I met this female at a small, but classy, bar that I frequent. She was a solid eight, and she had a way about her that was incredibly open but could chew out lesser males at any moment. She was also older than me by six years, which to her was her way of staying dominant over me. Regardless I persisted, I opened her, we talked about science and I would throw in the occasional joke or witticism.

As the conversation progressed it turned out that she was a professor at a University I was soon to attend and that she was, in her own words, a “self proclaimed feminist.” She then went on to tell me how most men are intimidated by that, to which I responded: “I’m not most men.” I gave a cocky smirk and continued to speak to her about a scientific article that peaked my interest earlier that day… and she kept trying to bring the conversation back to her feminist ideologies, and I would keep ignoring them.

My lack of care for her feminist beliefs seemed to bother her, and she started trying to belittle me and my knowledge of science. I laughed, and told her I thought it was cute that I got her upset. She seemed a bit more upset, and then I told her she sips on her drink like a girl, and proceeded to joke that she was not really a feminist and that she should stop pretending. This calmed her down a bit.

I put my drink down and grabbed her hand and told her that this place was getting lame, lets go down the street to somewhere more exciting. She complied and off we went. On the walk she kept throwing shit tests at me, more than I had ever encountered from a female, and I brushed them off either by ignoring them, or through a cocky witticism that most definitely had her pussy lips salivating for my cock.

She starts to poke at the age difference. I ignore it, but she starts going full force. “Awww you’re just a little guy!” I start walking ahead of her and say: “Grandma, I don’t know if your brittle legs can keep up, but lets get a move on!” not my finest display of charm, but it was fine enough for her to give me the make out gaze. I stop and make out with her in the street. I can tell by the way she is pulling me in she wants to fuck.

I invite her back to my place under the guise that I am only going to show her my artwork and then kick her out afterwards. Somehow I forget to show her my artwork… Right? and we get right to making out. I get her undressed down to her bra and panties. Her body is even sexier than I thought, her point level goes up a notch at this point. I unhook her bra, play with her perky tits, but she stops. She pushes me off her and tells me that she has to leave. I smile and say: “but we’re having so much fun, plus I’m going to fuck the shit out of your pussy.” I no longer care about being charming, nor witty, I want the kill, and if she wants it to happen slowly, then I am up for the challenge.

We resume making out, but she puts her bra back on. Not a good sign. She tells me she has never had sex so soon after meeting someone, and tells me how she is not that type of girl and that she should not be here. Turns out all feminists read the memo about last minute resistance. I take her bra off again and start kissing her back. This eases her. She gets into it and lets out the moaning sounds that signal sex.

Then she starts to resist again. I have never dealt with so much resistance from a woman after having her undressed and in a position like this. She tells me that she has to wake up early and that she should get going soon, she stands up and we start kissing again. I tell myself: “Fuck it! I’m going to bang this chick.” I pick her up un-expectadly and throw her on to my bed. Without pause I pull her panties off, she lets out a seductive smile, and starts kissing me and then starts to suck on my dick.

Without giving you a documentary about the adventure my penis went on that night, I absolutely fucked the shit out of her. I continued to do so for another two months, and every time she put up some sort of resistance, and since this event I have only experienced large resistance with women who are “self proclaimed feminists.”

Moral of the story…

ALWAYS dominate feminists, NEVER let your manhood slip up, not even once, and you will be parting her pussy in no time.

How Much Should You Invest In Texting?

Many gentlemen you will approach women with or in front of will look at getting a number as the pinnacle of what you can get in a given night. I prefer same-night lays, but a number is nothing to laugh at. The only difference between getting laid that night, and getting the number that night is that you are deferring your chances to get laid to another night. Which is fine, but it also means more work. Many gentlemen I know will get a number and, quoting directly, say that they, “have it” and then tell me a week later that the girl they texted is “all games” and just “playing around.” To which I say, “no sir, you invested too much in texting.”

It, sadly, has become socially acceptable for women to text over calling. In my early days of getting no-where-numbers, numbers that failed to yield any ass, I did what any gentleman of game would do and look to pick up guides. A lot of the guides are excellent in that they address a lot of great ways to get the conversations started, but they fail to address what I had to learn the hard way… Investment.

I figured that because I had charming witticisms, and comical comebacks that the vibe would be good and she would be primed and ready to go on a date. I was mistaken. Where did I go wrong? I would text too soon after she texted me, and I would send massive, but charming, text messages, and she would only respond with “hahaha.” I became the girls court jester.

So how does one fix this?

1. Timing
When you are texting a girl, NEVER text her as quick as she does, ALWAYS take longer to text her, and occasionally after the conversation is flowing between you two, text her two hours later in response to one of her texts, and then sometimes not at all.

2. Don’t Over-Charm
I would say for every ten texts you send, two of them should be overly charming and the rest should be normal average texts. When you over charm you risk looking like a clown and she puts you into the try-hard category.

3. One Word Answers
Think to yourself how much frustration you have gotten from you sending a massive message to someone and they respond, “yeah” or “I dunno” and how much that drove you crazy? Be that person. This sort of response keeps a girl guessing, and couple that with your timing and the occasional charming response, you’ve literally hit her with dynamite. However, don’t over do this or else you risk seeming like you are unattainable to her.

4. Don’t Ask Her Out Too Soon
Sure the vibe is great, and she seems to really like you, but it’s only been four days since you’ve gotten her number. Most women assume you are going to ask them out, which is true, but you have to start getting her to doubt herself. In a way you are reversing the role of her playing games, into you using her for self amusement, and she will pick up on that and wonder then if you are going to ever ask her out. If it has been less than a week (unless she is explicitly texting you to meet) then do not ask her out. Otherwise, I would text her over the course of a week and bit until you start feeling like she’s feeling a bit awkward that you haven’t asked her out, and text for a little while longer. Then casually slip in, like it’s an afterthought, that you would like to hang out with her.

All of those points, if followed correctly, show an active disinterest with a dash of “maybe he likes me??” Even though you ARE actively texting, she will get the vibe that you are not investing too much in the interaction and that will separate you from the rest of the men who text her like beta-bitch-boys. Also, I know this point was already covered but I want to over-stress the fact that timing is key. If you feel like you are texting too much, cut her off temporarily, and don’t be afraid to stop texting for a couple of days, and always remember that the MORE you text the lower your value is to her. Texting is a power dynamic, and for the most part, women have this power over the majority of men. They silently dictate the rules of texting, and many men fall trap to this game, but with timing, charm, and aloofness, you can escape this trap and fuck them senseless.

Happy texting gentlemen.