Smokers Lounge, Week 2

What I’m Smoking

With the holidays coming to an end I have been smoking less. In turn, I only sat down for one cigar this week.

Romeo y Julieta No 2

I had been meaning to try this cigar for awhile, but due to other cigars I had been smoking at the time, this one has been in my humidor for about a two months now. The packaging follows the striking white and red tube that is standard amongst the Romeo y Julieta line. The band also follows the same colour’s as the tube does. The construction of this cigar is nice, and I found it fairly easy to cut this one. The burn is relatively nice, with the ash staying fairly strong throughout. However, with all these pluses, comes the most negative aspect of this cigar: the taste. Unfortunately, unlike the number one, the number two seems to have an unfortunate after taste that I would describe as bitter sweet. The gross after taste did not go away until I was about a quarter done this cigar. The base tobacco itself is fine, but it is brought down by the overwhelming bitter sweet after taste. Overall, I doubt I will buy another one of these, and if I’m feeling like a cigar in this line, I will most certainly stick to the number one.

How unfortunate.

So, What are YOU smoking?



  1. armenia4ever

    I recently won a 10 pack (8 cigars in each pack) of Honey Berry Ugly Coyotes – very similar to backwoods – on Cigar Auctioner for about 22$. (Backwoods essentially look like blunts)

    For the price, they are pretty damn good. I would emphasize the smoothness as well as a sweet smoke and aftertaste of the Coyotes.

    • Mr. GS

      One of the gentlemen I work with mentioned these; he calls the Ugly Coyotes “Cowboy Cigars.” I would be interested to try the Ugly Coyotes, and based off of the good things I have heard about them I think I’ll look into seeing if the cigar shop I go to sells any packages of them.

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