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Purple K and Kre-Alkalyn, Are They Worth It?

I have spent considerable time researching supplements and have experimented with many different supplements for cognition, strength and libido, but one supplement that has always been a staple of my stack is creatine. From other work out gentlemen I know, they have always told me about Kre-Alkalyn and Purple K, and had only positive things to say about both creatines. For those who do not know, both of these creatines are essentially the same, but both creatine’s come in pill form and claim to be “buffered.” The process of buffering creatine supposedly makes it more available to your muscles than conventional creatine monohydrate. So after glancing at Kre-Alkalyn’s ridiculous claims that it delivers a billion times more creatine to your muscles or something, I decided to spend the extra $15 dollars on getting Kre-Alkalyn over my regular creatine mono-hydrate powder to test out this supposed wonder-creatine.

So a month goes by while I’m on Kre-Alkalyn, and naturally I am stunned; my arms look fucking massive and I appear to be lifting a lot more than usual. Could this magic pill creatine really be that much better than regular old powdered creatine monohydrate? Well, the science found Kre-Alkalyn to be bullshit, but then why did I get excellent results? Well that paper also notes that Kre-Alkalyn does work the same as creatine, but at lower doses it is less effective, with higher doses of Kre-Alkalyn performing similar to creatine monohydrate. I took the higher does of Kre-Alkalyn naturally assuming that is what anyone who seriously trains needs. In addition, at this time I was experimenting with a higher protein diet as well; that could account for the massive gains.

To be sure of the results published in that paper, after I finished my Kre-Alkalyn/Purple K cycle, I decided to purchase regular old creatine monohydrate after a month of going off of all creatine supplements. I made sure I stuck with a similar diet to when I was on Kre-Alkalyn, and I kept my intake of creatine monohydrate at 20 grams a day. So what the fuck happened? Well, the same fucking thing. To my upset, Kre-Alkalyn was nothing more then an overpriced dud. Not to say that Kre-Alkalyn did not help, but it did nothing more than regular creatine did for me.

I was pretty certain that Purple K was bullshit from the outset, but to be fair it does work, but it does not have any advantage over creatine monohydrate. The only thing I kind of noted was that there was less stomach upset upon taking Kre-Alkalyn/Purple K, but the difference was minimal to the point that paying double the price for this product makes no sense.



The Shift.

I am currently in the midst of shifting this blogs focus. For scant posting, I seem to get quite a bit of traffic that is pertaining to one of my main loves: cigars.

I want to give this blog a shift towards it’s initial focus of cigars, and have some exciting updates following shortly.

Stay tuned.

Where The Fuck Did I Go?

Shit. I’ve been smoking cigars, busting my ass in construction and eating delicious steaks. Man shit is where the fuck I went, and it turns out that man shit is taking up most of my time at the moment. I haven’t forgotten about all two of my readers though, and I’ll resume updating shortly, but right now I gotta go light this cigar and build shit.

See you guys soon.

Attack On The Manosphere – Spread The Gospel of Game

Over at Red Pill Game, there is an excellent post regarding what is going on in the manosphere. With that being said, I myself would like to take a moment to highlight the most vital part of this article:

Fight Feminism. Fuck and dominate Feminist women. Start a Game blog. Convert other Men. Tell your Red Pill stories and spread the Gospel of Game.

I am open to many people about the red pill, about how society does not give a fuck about men and how I have no sympathy for those who cannot see that. Starting a game blog, or a blog that roots for men, is the best thing you as a man can do in the digital world, and especially in time where men are no longer learning from men directly, but entering the rabbits hole through accidental Google searches.

My blog is dedicated to help enlighten men, and my blog serves as a contribution to the very manosphere that helped me find the path to becoming one.

Fuck you feminism.


I like fucking, smoking cigars and cheating on my girlfriend(s).

I am not some sort of level 99 pick up artist who can stare at a woman in a way that entices her to touch my penis on command, but I do know how the sexual market works and am confident in my navigation of it.

So what is this blog about then?

A twenty-something-year-old man who lives in a society that does not give a fuck about him.

You could call this a mansophere blog, a shock blog, or somewhere in between, but I would prefer to describe it as the diatribes of a gentleman interpreting his social world armed with the power of experience and science.

So, let us smoke a cigar and have a hearty discussion.

Man to man.