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Cigar Review: Macanudo Gigante Maduro


One of the unique things about reviewing cigars is that I get to try out cigar’s from brands I have been fond of, but did not delve much deeper into beyond a couple sticks from those particular brands. Last year the gentleman I buy cigars from pushed me to try the very expensive Macanudo Inspirado (upon further research this price point was due to the heavy import price he paid), and while I really enjoyed the Inspirado, I did not try anything beyond that single stick I purchased. Fortunately however, recently I got to revisit this brand when Anthony over at Cigar’s City threw in a couple sticks from the Maduro line for me. Enter the Macanudo Gigante Maduro, not an overly complex cigar, but a light cigar that is complimented by subtle flavours of cocoa and woods that make for a comfortable smoking experience.

The Maduro’s packaging is nothing special. The Maduro has a dark brown wrapper that feels relatively smooth to the lips. In addition, the overall construction of the Maduro is fairly sturdy; both Maduros that I received cut with ease. The cigar sports a classy band, with black and gold comprising the logo over top a white and brown base.

The Maduro is what I would describe as having struck a fine balance between a mild and mid-bodied cigar  – the Maduro draws smooth and light like a mild bodied cigar would, but carries the thickness of smoke that I’m more accustomed to from a mid-bodied cigar. The initial flavour of the Maduro is pleasant, with a quality tasting tobacco complimented by light woods and cocoa flavours. About half way through the cigar the flavour stays consistent with the light cocoa flavour becoming slightly more predominant. The only gripe I had with the two I smoked was the poor quality of the ash, which lead me to ashing more then I wanted to. The Maduro is not overly complex, and the flavours never build up like you might expect from the initial puff’s, but with the light flavours the Maduro does carry it provides a consistently comfortable smoking experience.

The Gigante Maduro is not the most complex cigar, but it is a well balanced mild cigar that makes for a pleasurable smoking experience. The Maduro is an excellent cigar for new comers to cigar smoking, or simply for smokers who wants something that is not too overwhelming but delivers excellent taste. The Gigante Maduro has earned it’s place in my humidor, and for that, I recommend this cigar to smokers of all types.

If you want to try this, and other cigars, I suggest you check out Cigars City!


Rock Bottom

I remember a female friend of mine back in high school told me I was ugly. She told me I was a nerd and that maybe one day I would be attractive. Maybe. That lingered with me, and that pain followed me for a long time. I remember feeling a crippling anxiety take over me. I went to my house, sauntered past my mother, went into my bedroom and balled my eyes out. I remember going to sleep right after my cry-fest and waking up with a outlook I did not want to believe:  I was a fucking chump; some lame mother-fucking clown was what I became to women. I hit rock bottom, my confidence plummeted for awhile here, more than it already was, but something changed inside me. I was fucking pissed. Not only at her, but at myself, and at my station in life.

During my high school year, I wasn’t unpopular, but I wasn’t the guy girls were swooning over either. The girls who showed interest in me were just as awkward as I was, not to mention they were far from lookers. I suffered from crippling anxiety, getting up in the morning and knowing I’d have to face people made my stomach turn. This anxiety became a shitty cycle however, because I felt like over talking and being obnoxious would alleviate the anxiety, and when someone would call me out for being annoying as fuck, I would linger on that persons comments for months, and this would make my anxiety worse; this same cycle continued to repeat itself throughout high school. I remember a girl asking me a basic question, a girl who I had only spoken to a handful of times prior, and I responded with “your mom” because I thought this would get her to laugh and like me. She looked confused, and told me “you’re weird.” I remember lingering on that feeling of being called weird for almost a year, and wondering what it was I was doing wrong with women, and people in general. See, at this time anxiety was not something I understood beyond it being a natural state of who I was; this state kept me in a rut of fear and awkwardness. That girl who called me ugly though, she really helped put things into a different perspective, she made me realize that everything I was doing was wrong, that my approach of being obnoxious and over talkative was not attractive, that my slender frame was weak, my ideologies were weak, and my overall approach to life, was weak.

I woke up from that nap, and realized I needed to change. It wasn’t an over night process, this took years for me. One of the first things I did was quit this silly vegetarian diet I had been on for almost ten years, which turned out to be one of the best choices I have ever made; at this point I always worked out, but starting to get more protein intake from meat sources made me rapidly bulk up. Within less than a year, I went from a scrawny little guy to being large and muscular. This change in size built a level of confidence I didn’t have before, and I started becoming less fearful of others. In addition to these body changes, I started focusing on my style. I bought more fitted clothes, wore nice shoes, and ditched the glasses. Ditching the glasses, like becoming a meat eater again, was a paramount change. Turns out the same frames I wore since I was ten up until that point really narrowed my face out, and made my eyes look weird. Wearing contacts showed off my eyes, and started to give my face a more shapely look. For the first time in my life, I felt attractive. Fresh off my new found confidence, I started to realize that all these ideas I had about people and the world were wrong; I started to face things head on and when I did, I realized my fears were irrational. The more I feared something, the more I pushed myself to approach it. Now, while the physical changes helped, this battle was still mostly a psychological one, and even with approaching situations head on, I still had the lingering insecurities that I was not good enough, that I was ugly, that I was weak. It sounds weird, but reading seemed to help me get over these insecurities. I started learning many social-oriented subjects (Psychology, Endocrinology, Criminology, etc) on my own, feeling like I was becoming a better human each time I discovered something new about these subjects, because I realized I was able to relate a lot of these ideas to myself.

Still, it was not enough just to become more physically attractive and more intelligent, and while what I’m about to say may sound unconventional, I needed validation. I started getting female attention for the first time in my life at around 19. I remember staring into her eyes fantasizing about how much I wanted to fuck her, we made out for awhile, and I started undressing her. She stops my advances, looks at me, and tells me “You’re really hot, but I don’t want you thinking I’m easy.” I know this seems trivial, but hearing that a girl thought I was hot, it became an addiction. It became an addiction to know I was attractive, to know I was worth it. Of course, the issue here is that it’s easy to get into a rut of only ever being valuable when people give you value, and that’s what happened for a time. I think though, I needed that time to build myself up to the person I am now. In a way, I needed to get the validation that I wasn’t a loser from every girl I met in order to get over the invalidation of the first girl who called me ugly.

I saw the girl who called me ugly a couple years after I set my change in motion. I remember thinking to myself, “I’ve progressed so much, do you think she’ll call you those things now? Do you think she’ll comment on how much you’ve changed?” I spoke to her briefly, expecting her to comment on my large frame, my confident posture, and tasteful style, and she did not say anything about any of these changes. In fact, she was completely indifferent to my changes. I left and realized something profound, that moment that set all of these moments into motion, was insignificant to her. A moment that triggered positive moments for myself, meant nothing to her. This realization was the final puzzle piece in getting over myself, and realizing validation meant nothing. I finally saw that validation was nothing, and that you can only count on yourself for happiness.

I think back to that day of that girl calling me ugly, and ask myself how I would handle something like that if it happened now?

I’d give her a cold stare, and move on with my life.

How To Handle Argumentative Women

Women who argue with you are in some way shit testing you. Your dear girlfriend, weird female friend or sweet little co-worker, are all shit testing you when they argue. They are seeing if you are up to snuff. Seeing if they can demonstrate some control over you, or if you care. The issue when women argue with men is that they enter the realm of intellectual debate, and most men want to believe that we can equally argue with other women because on the outset they appear to have the same mental workings that they do. Sadly, once you start to learn more about women, or deal with more women, you will realize that women are only as strong as their beliefs, and men – most men any-ways – are only as strong as the knowledge they have gained. If a woman believes something to be true, despite the fact that she is presented with the facts, she will still believe what she believes to be true by only seeing what she wants to. How does a man (you) of high intelligence, great looks and gentleman charm overcome a woman when she argues with your flawless logic?

Argue Once and Move On

When a woman starts arguing, and lets say said woman argues with something you feel passionately about and are overly knowledgeable about,  you should state your argument once and move the fuck on. Why do this and not continue arguing with her? Well, like I said in my opening sentences, women only believe what they want to believe. However, a great side stepping method of showing her that you do not consider her your level intellectually is to state your argument once and if she responds with something to argue your great points, ignore her by saying “Ok, anyways *insert conversation topic of choice here.*” Gold. Many gentlemen new to game however, find this method a bit tricky as they are still learning to control their emotions and when a argument shifts to being heated in the slightest they might take the bait and continue to argue. I would argue (aha!) that this method of argue-avoidance should be used by gentlemen with a good baseline level of confidence.

Do Not Take Her Arguments Seriously

Say your date will not shut the fuck up about how it is awful that you like to eat delicious steak and that all animals are beautiful or something, deflect everything she says by responding to her animals-are-humans-too arguments by saying shit like, “Definitely, I think Cattle should have the same rights as you and me, plus, imagine how hilarious it would be if they wore tuxedos.” Retarded I know, but that sort of shit will keep her pussy wet and if she keeps going on or worse, gets offended, simply say to her, “Let’s drop the topic, besides, I wanted to ask you why you wear such expressive colors? How long have you been an artist for?” Now, notice here, that I’ve used “why,” and I cold read her ass. This shit does two things: Shows her that her arguing is fucking lame and that you really don’t care (dynamite for her pussy), and it will get her thinking that you are very perceptive and are able to challenge her. Nice.

Play Therapist

If she keeps arguing, challenge her with the super-handy “why” tool, or as I like to call it, play therapist. Just keep asking her why she feels that way about whatever she is arguing. You will not realize it, but when you pull the why card in an argument, you make her submit to you subconsciously because she has to justify every word she says to you and that is a form of verbal domination on your part. “I believe that any man who does not like feminism is stupid” she might say, to which you respond, “Why do you feel that way about men who do not like feminism?” Rinse, and repeat boys.

Ignore Arguing All Together
If a argument thread pops up at all, simply ignore it by responding, “Yeah, I do not know,” but make sure you quickly follow said statement by something more interesting then what you guys were already talking about. Simple, I know. If she persists, well, reffer to the “Do Not Take Her Arguments Seriously” section.

Arguing is an issue I used to have when I embarked on my journey to become a better man. However, through observation and teachings of other gentlemen of game I learned to navigate this aspect of social relations. In turn, I learned as well how to handle arguing females, and in a climate where women want to be as masculine as possible, you are bound to find females who will try to argue your masculine knowledge.

I hope this helps you gentlemen.

Happy gaming boys.

Stop Masturbating, Start Gaming

Awhile back a gentleman I am close with told me he completely quit watching porn. I kind of laughed, in a way that asserted he was being a pussy, and asked him why? He explained that porn was killing his motivation and ability to get things done. I quickly recollected all of the things I had been accomplishing and doing and dismissed his claim, and just assumed this was a scapegoat for his own laziness. I whole-heartedly believed that I was right to resume watching porn, masturbate, and through the process try to accomplish my normal business as usual until I reflected and realized I was only accomplishing the bare minimum. I would sell drugs, read game material, work on a bit of artwork and most of all masturbate to porn. I was convinced because I was on my way to college that this was ok, and that I might as well enjoy all the free porn out there… even though during my indulgence in porn, I was fantasizing about fucking a real woman. To be fair, I would go out at night and I would approach women, but it was always forced and it was the way I convinced myself that all my time spent reading game material was not wasted. Until I saw no results.

Then I spent a week out of town at my close cousins. I was always in the way of someone and rarely did I have any alone time here. I could not masturbate. At first it was excruciating, I felt animalistic, like I HAD to release… but I could not. My cousin and I ended up attending a night club, and for the first time ever I did not feel like I had to approach, but that I NEEDED to approach. I was truly motivated, and being sexual with a woman felt natural almost. My results were beautiful and for the first time I felt like I effortlessly grabbed a number from a girl. It was different from the feeling of struggling and hoping that a girl would accept my seduction rather then her falling into it from my pure masculinity.

There are a lot of gentleman like myself who stumble into pick up and understand it, but rarely apply it because to some degree they feel sexually satisfied. Porn will satisfy you sexually, but not in the way that a petite blond with big lips and a nice ass will when she is riding your cock. Porn will satisfy your sexual hunger just enough so you do not approach and will have you rationalizing that you just were not in “state” to approach in the first place, but that you will be next time, regardless of the fact that you will regret it the second you put a porn film on.

When you masturbate so frequently your built up testosterone simmers down, and your testosterone is what gives you your masculine urges and determination to do great things. When my gentleman friend quit watching porn and in turn calmed down masturbating, he for the first time in his life experienced successes with women, and this was without him learning game, but out of his desire to want women that came naturally when you have all that pent up testosterone.

It seems some sectors of the manosphere have been ok with the idea of porn as long as it is not stifling your game. I disagree and fully believe that game theorists and practitioners need to place a greater emphasis on not watching porn and not masturbating, and while I know a lot of gentleman of game have said this, I think this focus on no-porn/no-masturbation alone is a bigger motivation for gentleman to approach woman than the conventional inner-game changing ideologies that I see floating around . Not to say that most gentleman of game do not advocate the no-masturbation-porn approach, but I would argue that a lack of motivation in some sectors of the manosphere community derives from the easily access of porn on the internet.

Now one can take from this that masturbation, not porn, is the culprit. I disagree. By being able to see women naked so easily, the thrill of the hunt is somewhat gone. You go straight from them being there in a school girl outfit to being undressed and fed some gentleman’s cock all within the span of ten minutes. A seduction takes a bit longer than that, but if you are able to get the same result, and that is a woman undressed and fucking (minus the real physical connection), then psychologically why would you as a man seek out the same thing in real life? Especially since you can do something incredibly similar all on your own in the comfort of your masturbation den.

However, by removing yourself from the readily available streams of porn on the internet, you will now give yourself more determination to want to de-clothe and fuck a girl in real life since you are not getting that constant image easily like you did when you took to the internet. In turn, taking action to get a girl sexual is no longer a mouse click away, but it is now a principle of opening your mouth and actively sexualizing a woman.

For beginners, and gentleman who are struggling with a momentum of approaches, remove yourself from masturbation and remove yourself from porn. As my gentleman-friend would attest, quitting porn was the single-biggest game changer for him when it came to women. Also, look at it this way, McDonalds offers our primitive side the same caloric intake that a freshly hunted deer would, but as early humans we were unable to constantly eat meat so it became a commodity we lusted after. With modern society though, we still have primitive urges such as eating high calorie meats, and due to excess we can satisfy that urge through something like McDonalds. Doing it all the time however results in one getting unhealthy and fat, and you must remember, we did NOT eat high calorie meals all the time because we could not, but we did crave them. Porn is the exact same thing. We want to have sex all the time, but due to hunting or work, we cannot. Porn however, offers that fulfillment any time we get a spare chance to be alone.

Do not turn sex into a McDonalds, but savor it like a fine wine that is to be enjoyed after a hard days work. Seduction is work, but testosterone is the tool belt that makes that work possible.

Attack On The Manosphere – Spread The Gospel of Game

Over at Red Pill Game, there is an excellent post regarding what is going on in the manosphere. With that being said, I myself would like to take a moment to highlight the most vital part of this article:

Fight Feminism. Fuck and dominate Feminist women. Start a Game blog. Convert other Men. Tell your Red Pill stories and spread the Gospel of Game.

I am open to many people about the red pill, about how society does not give a fuck about men and how I have no sympathy for those who cannot see that. Starting a game blog, or a blog that roots for men, is the best thing you as a man can do in the digital world, and especially in time where men are no longer learning from men directly, but entering the rabbits hole through accidental Google searches.

My blog is dedicated to help enlighten men, and my blog serves as a contribution to the very manosphere that helped me find the path to becoming one.

Fuck you feminism.

Everything Men

Pick up artists, at least the ones that are fighting for the manosphere, have been largely misinterpreted by many readers/followers with the belief that being alpha is the end all be all approach to female/male relationship dynamics. I strongly believe that if you are approaching life from an abundance of pussy angle, then being purely alpha is the best way to approach things. However, if you want or enjoy having a committed relationship(s) as well, then you have to change things up or else issues will occur. The issue here is that being completely alpha and being in a committed relationship does not mix. You have to slip up sometimes and be what you have been taught is wrong… and become beta.

Women DO want beta males, but not in the way you think. They want the beta male when they are feeling vulnerable or low on themselves, and they want the beta male when they are feeling emotional, and most of all they want the beta male when they feel unwanted by their boyfriend/love-interest/alpha-gentleman. Beta males provide the validation that her ego needs. However, those same beta-tendencies are absolute pussy repellent… Sometimes.

Monogamy has bottle-necked the sexes. I would assume in caveman times the alphas would fuck the shit out of the group of women, the betas would get to join in sometimes, but rarely, and then the alphas would leave to do things manly-gentleman of that period would do while the betas consoled the females hoping that pussy would fall into their lap one day. Now, with monogamy pushing the one-person-to-every-person policy, men who want commitment have to not only be the alphas that fuck the shit out of women, but also that beta male that consoles them or else those women will leave or cheat on them. So as a man, while your charming lines and cocky remarks will most-definitely get the girl, they will only keep her invested for short term flings. If that is your sort of thing, then by any means go for it. However, if you want actual commitment from a female, you will have to put the game you so fondly live by away temporarily and give her glimpses of you as a beta male so she will continue loving you.

The factor of interest here to remember though, is that if you remain mostly alpha, but show her glimpses of you being beta, in her mind your alphaness will amplify. Why? Because it provides hard contrast and gives her that ‘fairy-tale’ romance feeling, and it warms her heart thinking she has tamed the untameable man… Until you become alpha shortly after and in turn amplify your alphaness even more. This combo will keep her in a constant state of love for you because you have captured all of her feminine needs, and you have given her the alpha male that fucks her so hard that it makes her WANT to be female, and you give her the beta male that VALIDATES her as a female.

Remember, while women leave or cheat on their boyfriends all the time for being too beta, they also do the same for men who are too alpha. While cheating is probably lessened for men who are too alpha, breakups are not. There are men who are so alpha towards their women that the women cannot take them past anything but a good fucking and an asshole who only used them for sex. Think to the standard romance films and the archetypal female friend who asks the woman why she puts up with her asshole boyfriend. The woman almost always responds: “because you don’t know him like I do.” That is female for: “he has a soft side that no one sees, and he fucks me incredibly well.”

If you want a true committed relationship and you want her to still love you after years of being together, then be the man that makes her say to her friends: “because you don’t know him like I do.”

Because that gentleman, is an everything man.