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Fucking A Feminist

I met this female at a small, but classy, bar that I frequent. She was a solid eight, and she had a way about her that was incredibly open but could chew out lesser males at any moment. She was also older than me by six years, which to her was her way of staying dominant over me. Regardless I persisted, I opened her, we talked about science and I would throw in the occasional joke or witticism.

As the conversation progressed it turned out that she was a professor at a University I was soon to attend and that she was, in her own words, a “self proclaimed feminist.” She then went on to tell me how most men are intimidated by that, to which I responded: “I’m not most men.” I gave a cocky smirk and continued to speak to her about a scientific article that peaked my interest earlier that day… and she kept trying to bring the conversation back to her feminist ideologies, and I would keep ignoring them.

My lack of care for her feminist beliefs seemed to bother her, and she started trying to belittle me and my knowledge of science. I laughed, and told her I thought it was cute that I got her upset. She seemed a bit more upset, and then I told her she sips on her drink like a girl, and proceeded to joke that she was not really a feminist and that she should stop pretending. This calmed her down a bit.

I put my drink down and grabbed her hand and told her that this place was getting lame, lets go down the street to somewhere more exciting. She complied and off we went. On the walk she kept throwing shit tests at me, more than I had ever encountered from a female, and I brushed them off either by ignoring them, or through a cocky witticism that most definitely had her pussy lips salivating for my cock.

She starts to poke at the age difference. I ignore it, but she starts going full force. “Awww you’re just a little guy!” I start walking ahead of her and say: “Grandma, I don’t know if your brittle legs can keep up, but lets get a move on!” not my finest display of charm, but it was fine enough for her to give me the make out gaze. I stop and make out with her in the street. I can tell by the way she is pulling me in she wants to fuck.

I invite her back to my place under the guise that I am only going to show her my artwork and then kick her out afterwards. Somehow I forget to show her my artwork… Right? and we get right to making out. I get her undressed down to her bra and panties. Her body is even sexier than I thought, her point level goes up a notch at this point. I unhook her bra, play with her perky tits, but she stops. She pushes me off her and tells me that she has to leave. I smile and say: “but we’re having so much fun, plus I’m going to fuck the shit out of your pussy.” I no longer care about being charming, nor witty, I want the kill, and if she wants it to happen slowly, then I am up for the challenge.

We resume making out, but she puts her bra back on. Not a good sign. She tells me she has never had sex so soon after meeting someone, and tells me how she is not that type of girl and that she should not be here. Turns out all feminists read the memo about last minute resistance. I take her bra off again and start kissing her back. This eases her. She gets into it and lets out the moaning sounds that signal sex.

Then she starts to resist again. I have never dealt with so much resistance from a woman after having her undressed and in a position like this. She tells me that she has to wake up early and that she should get going soon, she stands up and we start kissing again. I tell myself: “Fuck it! I’m going to bang this chick.” I pick her up un-expectadly and throw her on to my bed. Without pause I pull her panties off, she lets out a seductive smile, and starts kissing me and then starts to suck on my dick.

Without giving you a documentary about the adventure my penis went on that night, I absolutely fucked the shit out of her. I continued to do so for another two months, and every time she put up some sort of resistance, and since this event I have only experienced large resistance with women who are “self proclaimed feminists.”

Moral of the story…

ALWAYS dominate feminists, NEVER let your manhood slip up, not even once, and you will be parting her pussy in no time.