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The True Sexual Nature of Women

I like feminine women. I like women who enjoy doing feminine things like taking care of the home, women who laugh with a girly energy, and women who get excited about children. Something about that, to me as a man, excites me. While most of my reports will have you believe that I fuck a lot of women who aren’t the feminine definition that this write up is about, I do spend a considerable amount of time with feminine women, and any level of time I invest in a woman beyond sex is with the feminine ones. Don’t get me wrong, women who challenge the feminine roles fulfil a certain sexual niche for me in that they are usually good one night lays, but unlike feminine women, my time spent courting them beyond sex feels wasted. With the feminine vs. non-feminine dynamic however, comes where most people assume sexual enjoyment is most different. However there is one thing as a budding young gentleman of game that shocked me: women love to fuck. I, like most men, assumed the more feminine the woman the less sexual the woman, which is true on it’s surface, but not at it’s core; women are just as sexual as men are in many ways, but different forces compel them to act a certain way to the outside world.

With feminine women it is usually traditional morals that compel them to appear as wholesome. With non-feminine women, it is usually permissive parenting and feminist ideals that lead them to appear less wholesome. These dynamics serve their own purpose for the up and budding gentleman of game, and that is the more wholesome a woman, the more you will need to invest in having sex with her, and the less wholesome a woman, the less you will need to invest yourself in having sex with her; basic game reiterated. However, beyond investment of time, at their core, both spectrum’s of women share the same traits of what they enjoy sexuality, and that is being desired in a very selfish way.

Now when I say a “very selfish way,” automatically the evil woman narrative takes place in the minds of many gentlemen of game, but I do not believe women to be evil but hard-wired by their emotional compasses and with that compass they make their decisions; that’s why game blogs exist so you can navigate these compasses accordingly. No one (except feminists) call men evil for being hardwired to selfishly seek out certain sexual traits of women, and with that, I do not consider women evil for being controlled by their own selfish sexualities. I believe it was Baumeister who stated that women are the gatekeepers of sex, and therefore hold a lot of power over men in a sexual economy. Men provide women with certain traits (strength, charm, financial stability, etc.), and women respond in turn by giving them sex. I think the most potent of these traits that does not change radically over time for women, is masculinity. A lot of gentlemen of game point to the 50’s as being a time when women took men more seriously and thus “nice guys” could thrive, but I disagree. The men of the 50’s era were still men, and built a system that rewarded women for being good wives and mothers, and punished them for straying from that narrative; this was raw masculinity rewarding raw femininity. Things have obviously changed, and feminine women of today are echoes of their traditional parents, and non-feminine women are loud speakers for a new movement that attempts to redefine femininity (see: feminism). So, masculinity is the trait that women, feminine or not, desire most, and women want to be desired by masculine men.

When women read romantic novels you would be hard pressed to find a novel about a insecure skinny nerd who is the lead male in the novel. Normally these novels include a mysterious lead who displays some level of raw masculinity that she literally cannot resist. Shifting from the romantic novel we can look towards music. The popular songs amongst women is typically about a high status man (see: the rich ass singer singing the song) who desires a girl that he just MUST have. Even on the flipside of things, when a woman is making music, Taylor Swift for example, it is about that man who got away, or the man she loved dearly but is no longer going to speak to, etc. Women make up large demographics who enjoy those styles of music because it appeals to a very selfish part of them, and that is being desired romantically.

When you as a man can be reflective of that desire that a woman feels when she listens to shitty Taylor Swift songs, or when she reads romantic novels, you will unlock something very special in her, and that is her true sexual nature. When a woman is unlocked in this way, you learn something profound: women love to fuck. When I speak to some gentlemen about a wholesome girl I convinced to try anal or pushed to have a threesome, they seem dumbfounded. “She didn’t seem like that type of girl” is the typical response I get. The thing is, this “type of girl” ideology is silly, because I am convinced that once I make a girl feel that lust associated with desire, after a bit of time, sexually, she will be whatever “type of girl” I want her to be. The truth is women find all sorts of sexual fantasies and oddities just as exciting as you do, but the more wholesome the girl the less likely she is going readily express this to you or the outside world.

An old high school crush of mine and I started talking years after I got over my fear of speaking to women. After awhile I had finally bedded her. Sleeping with her was when I really started to understand the true sexual nature of women. She was one of the wildest sexual partners I ever had, and afterwards I asked myself, “who did I just fuck?” I could have never imagined that she was into sex like she was when I was in high school. I used to think that only the less-wholesome women could fuck the way she did. She certainly still seemed wholesome. Obviously I pushed for a lot of crazy shit with her, but I realized after this that no matter what woman you are having sex with, once you have unlocked, she will respond sexually in ways you never imagined. Some men initially respond to women having the same sexual desires as men as being proof that they are all whores; I think that is a brash way of putting it. Instead, this is the secret about women that for me, made them that much more exciting.

The men who enjoyed sexual success in high school with an array of women did so because of their understanding of the true sexual nature of women. They knew that wholesome or not, any girl enjoyed the sexual exploration and perversions that they did. When I talk to my more conservative beta bitch boy friends about my sexual escapades, they respond in shock that a woman who they thought was “so nice” would partake in such a thing. These beta bitch boys have not unlocked their sexual partners, and will forever see women as something they deep down inside are not. Meanwhile guys like me who understand that women truly enjoy sexual experiences beyond missionary will continue to enjoy the sex life I want.


False Alphahood

I see it all the time. A beta-bitch-boy steps out of his comfort zone and does what he assumes is masculine. He does this in ways such as acting aggressive when entering a room usually by slamming the door, or even by trying to belittle other men around him, but not loud enough for those men to hear him. These actions of course are only done in front of a woman and It usually results in one of two responses:
1. The woman does not notice it out of awkwardness for the beta, or because she genuinely does not care.
2. The woman quickly puts the beta-bitch-boy in his place through asking why he is acting weird or by pointing out that his action was unjustified, or the woman will make a silent demand of the beta bitch boy to assert dominance over him.
Sadly, these beta-bitch-boys are fulfilling a script, one that they assume is the route to masculinity and the script that they look to when their girlfriends cheat on them or females friend-zone them. These beta-bitch-boys live in a state of false alpha hood.

Unlike the beta-bitch-boy nice guy, these betas do understand that women like some element of masculinity, but they are apologetic about that masculinity the second the girl they act in front of shows any level of discomfort. Essentially they are beta-bitch-boys with a slight edge, with an emphasis on the word edge. I have a male acquaintance that I see at friendly gatherings from time to time and he embodies this beta-bitch-boy with an edge model perfectly. For the sake of anonymity we will call this beta-bitch-boy, Bob. Bob has an overweight girlfriend named Helga. Hela always sits around at these gatherings, and she always seems dissatisfied with everything going on (probably because she is overweight) and silently makes judgements to Bob about everyone while Bob sits there and shakes his head like a dog wagging his tale after receiving a treat. Bob however tries to be one of the guys more often than not, and will agree when we gawk at an attractive female on the TV or will try to jokingly assert that he too dominates his relationship and will keep his “bitch in line.” This is met by Helga giving looks of disgust and Bob quickly, and silently, apologizing. I notice every time after Bob tries to imitate a real man, and I’m not even sure Helga is consciously aware that she is doing it, that Helga will ask a request of Bob. “Can you grab me a pop Bob?” “Can you go to the truck and grab my sweater?” “My back hurts, can you dig through the fat and massage my muscles?” Helga keeps her pimp hand strong, and Bob gladly wags his tail every time Helga opens it.

Bob and Helga are a common example of beta-bitch-boy with an overweight girlfriend model, and a typical example of false alphahood. Examining the above story, Helga allows little Bob to joke with the guys, let’s him jokingly act dominant, but she never lets him dominate her. Bob can at-least rationalize to himself that he is acting the same way real men act with their girlfriends, and therefore he tells himself he is fine being dominated by Helga. Helga however, she lusts for a real man, and she hopes that the cookie crumbs she has laid out to manhood for Bob, will eventually fill Bob up and make him a grown man who takes charge.  Helga will continuously test Bob’s manhood with one of her fine-tuned request-tests, and her fat pussy salivates at the idea that he might say no, but Bob is a bitch-boy of routine, a bitch-boy of feminine honour, and to Helga’s pussy’s disgust, Bob’s tail starts wagging and he happily says yes. As I found out later, and had already assumed, Helga cheated on Bob with one of her ex-boyfriends. Naturally, Bob got upset, but that upset was not directed at Helga. No, that upset was directed at the ex-boyfriend, after all, how dare he act like a man and attract Helga. As I learned later, Bob and Helga barely even had a fight about it, Bob swiftly got back with Helga. A month later I read that Helga was going to dinner with this ex-boyfriend and a couple of her other friends. Bob suffered in silence. What a good beta-bitch-boy. I saw Bob and Helga again the other night, and it was the same story: Bob jokes about being the man who “keeps his bitch in line” and Helga does her manhood aptitude test by hitting him with a juvenile request. Small trade off to kind of feel like the man. Right?

Beta bitch boys will adapt to whatever demands they perceive the group of females as having, but much as we see with Bob, beta bitch boys will try to leave this mould through actions that suggest masculinity, but ultimately this false alphahood is only a small thirst quencher of what being a man is like. Gentlemen like Bob (see: beta bitch boys) who try their hand at alphahood will be punished and condemned to beta-tude by their female leaders. Gentlemen like Bob are unfortunate cases, because they will always that there is a crack in their masculinity and they try to fill that crack with approval of a female only to find out in the end that it does not fit. Female approval might fit the crack at first, but this forced insertion into the cracks will eventually loosen it self and fall out, and sadly each time Bob picks female approval back up and forces it into the crack of his masculinity, the crack grows…

And that crack grows until Bob’s manhood is ultimately broken.

The Male Relationship Curse

When you settle down with a woman, granted you are actually the man of the relationship, you will enter a world of constant affection and love. A man will feed her the masculine energy that she needs to make herself feel feminine. Your radiation of masculinity will feed her femininity in such a way that you will become more attractive to her as time passes. The sad truth here however, is that no matter how feminine she is, no matter how attractive she is, time will only lead to boredom, and boredom will lead to your need for variety.

That is the male relationship curse.

No matter how much your girlfriend or wife loves you, the fantasy of other women will always haunt you, and while you fantasize about the young, big-titted brunette at your work, your girl will be fantasizing about her future with you, and fantasize about how hard you, and only you, can fuck her. While you fuck her, you will wish she was the young brunette, and it is not because the young brunette is necessarily better looking than your current girl, but because she is different, because she is new, and because her pussy remains a mystery to your cock. As a man you will always be trying to unlock that mystery with every attractive female you encounter, and as a taken man you will feel guilty for feeling that way. It makes sense to feel guilty too, after all your current girl does not look at other men with the same fondness that she does for you, and she does not build sexual fantasies around these men, but she constantly fantasizes about you. You however, you treat the big-titted brunette with such fondness, a fondness you gave your current girl when you first dated, and you fantasize about the big-titted brunette the same way your current girl fantasizes about you.

You do not act on your impulses to fuck the big-titted brunette at a staff party, no, you reassure yourself that you are more attracted to your girl anyways. Then you stumble home that night to go and fuck your girl, and regret not having fucked the big-titted brunette, and you regret it even more because you knew you could have gotten away with it too. After forcing yourself to climax your libido dies down and you become indifferent to the idea of having sex with the big-titted brunette… Until the next time you are horny and you regret not having slept with the big-titted brunette.

You will cushion the regret by telling yourself that you could have slept with her if you wanted to, and you will then try to reinforce that belief by telling yourself that you did it out of underlying faithfulness and because you love your girl, and only her. Your girl will probably never know that the act of infidelity was even on your mind, and she will probably never know that you struggled to hold your penis back from an attractive twenty-something brunette with large tits. She just assumed that those thoughts would not cross your mind and she trusts you enough to know that you would hold your self back against other women.

Your girl will never understand how hard it is for you not to make advances on another woman. She will never understand how much you fantasize about the big-titted brunette and she most certainly will never understand how you try your hardest to bury it deep down inside, but still your urge to fuck other women resurfaces. Monogamy has cursed men with the what-if factor. Men will always wonder what-if when it comes to other women, and this will never make sense to a woman. She believes that your variety for sex is a personality flaw, not a biological must, and by sticking to that belief she will never believe that the man she loves is flawed, and that is why it is in your best interest to never let her know about your true nature.

When you choose the monogamous route, you will always be cursed with the what-if factor, and it will always bite at your masculinity. It might not take large bites all at once, but it will take small bites that slowly add up to a cracked image of what you once were. Now, there are advantages to being in a relationship, and you will always melt to the feeling of knowing that someone constantly cares about you, but those advantages slowly start to seem dull in comparison to a fresh piece of pussy.

The ailment to this curse is of course going for that fresh piece of pussy, and when you realize this you take a large dose of the ailment and finally fuck the big-titted brunette. You will feel that guilt that you first felt when you started fantasizing about the big-titted brunette, and that guilt will amplify ten-fold when you recollect and realize how loyal your girl is to you. For awhile, you might decide not to sleep with another woman again, and for awhile this one act of infidelity will help you cope with the curse, and it might even make you appreciate your current girl a bit more. You will be satisfied with your girl for a small time… until you notice the new athletic-blond who moved in next door. That same feeling you got with the big-titted brunette will creep up and all of a sudden you are now fantasizing about the athletic-blond.

Your love for your girl never changes, she is still the predominant female in your life, but your need for variety trumps your love. A couple months have passed and your girl still does not know a thing about what happened between you and the big-titted brunette, and this will simultaneously scare you but comfort you. That feeling of comfort will fuel you to pursue the athletic-blond, and maybe you decide to fuck her. The stakes are no longer revolving around your loyalty for your girl and the guilt associated with it, but the stakes are now centered around never getting caught.

Unlike your inability to bury your feelings for more pussy, you learn to bury your feelings of guilt when it comes to your loyal girlfriend. Being able to bury that part of you now allows you to fuck the athletic-blond and proceed as if nothing happened in the first place. After fucking her the guilt slightly creeps up, but it is not as bad this time, you start to accept the fact that you will want to do this behind your girls back and that acceptance helps you repair parts of your cracked masculinity. Your only fear now is getting caught, but that won’t happen right?

Because if you keep cheating on your girl, and you never get caught, it is like the curse does not exist in the first place…