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How To Handle Argumentative Women

Women who argue with you are in some way shit testing you. Your dear girlfriend, weird female friend or sweet little co-worker, are all shit testing you when they argue. They are seeing if you are up to snuff. Seeing if they can demonstrate some control over you, or if you care. The issue when women argue with men is that they enter the realm of intellectual debate, and most men want to believe that we can equally argue with other women because on the outset they appear to have the same mental workings that they do. Sadly, once you start to learn more about women, or deal with more women, you will realize that women are only as strong as their beliefs, and men – most men any-ways – are only as strong as the knowledge they have gained. If a woman believes something to be true, despite the fact that she is presented with the facts, she will still believe what she believes to be true by only seeing what she wants to. How does a man (you) of high intelligence, great looks and gentleman charm overcome a woman when she argues with your flawless logic?

Argue Once and Move On

When a woman starts arguing, and lets say said woman argues with something you feel passionately about and are overly knowledgeable about,  you should state your argument once and move the fuck on. Why do this and not continue arguing with her? Well, like I said in my opening sentences, women only believe what they want to believe. However, a great side stepping method of showing her that you do not consider her your level intellectually is to state your argument once and if she responds with something to argue your great points, ignore her by saying “Ok, anyways *insert conversation topic of choice here.*” Gold. Many gentlemen new to game however, find this method a bit tricky as they are still learning to control their emotions and when a argument shifts to being heated in the slightest they might take the bait and continue to argue. I would argue (aha!) that this method of argue-avoidance should be used by gentlemen with a good baseline level of confidence.

Do Not Take Her Arguments Seriously

Say your date will not shut the fuck up about how it is awful that you like to eat delicious steak and that all animals are beautiful or something, deflect everything she says by responding to her animals-are-humans-too arguments by saying shit like, “Definitely, I think Cattle should have the same rights as you and me, plus, imagine how hilarious it would be if they wore tuxedos.” Retarded I know, but that sort of shit will keep her pussy wet and if she keeps going on or worse, gets offended, simply say to her, “Let’s drop the topic, besides, I wanted to ask you why you wear such expressive colors? How long have you been an artist for?” Now, notice here, that I’ve used “why,” and I cold read her ass. This shit does two things: Shows her that her arguing is fucking lame and that you really don’t care (dynamite for her pussy), and it will get her thinking that you are very perceptive and are able to challenge her. Nice.

Play Therapist

If she keeps arguing, challenge her with the super-handy “why” tool, or as I like to call it, play therapist. Just keep asking her why she feels that way about whatever she is arguing. You will not realize it, but when you pull the why card in an argument, you make her submit to you subconsciously because she has to justify every word she says to you and that is a form of verbal domination on your part. “I believe that any man who does not like feminism is stupid” she might say, to which you respond, “Why do you feel that way about men who do not like feminism?” Rinse, and repeat boys.

Ignore Arguing All Together
If a argument thread pops up at all, simply ignore it by responding, “Yeah, I do not know,” but make sure you quickly follow said statement by something more interesting then what you guys were already talking about. Simple, I know. If she persists, well, reffer to the “Do Not Take Her Arguments Seriously” section.

Arguing is an issue I used to have when I embarked on my journey to become a better man. However, through observation and teachings of other gentlemen of game I learned to navigate this aspect of social relations. In turn, I learned as well how to handle arguing females, and in a climate where women want to be as masculine as possible, you are bound to find females who will try to argue your masculine knowledge.

I hope this helps you gentlemen.

Happy gaming boys.


Openers, Questions and The Power of Why?

Many gentlemen who are just entering game often ask me “what do I say?” or, “I can say something witty at first, but then I don’t know what to say? Where do I go from there?” I think one of the biggest issues I always had with learning game, was because game changed my outlook on things, I wanted to follow these complicated conversational systems (Mystery, Juggler, etc.) and did not want to go off track because I had so much faith in those systems.  The issue with trying to memorize these conversational patterns is that in the heat of the moment you are not able to easily recall your pre-memorized story, or magic sentence that you were told will get her to make out with you. So with that being said, what do CAN and SHOULD you do?

You Can Open With Anything

Let us start with the opener. When I first started this whole talking to women thing, I had many canned openers, and they were effective, but they weren’t reflective of me as a person. So, I go to the Pick Up Artist Forums and I ask some gentlemen other alternatives to the standard canned approach hoping that I will be thrown a golden all-in-wonder line… Many of the older gentlemen said, “It does not matter, you can open with anything.” At the time I did not know what “opening with anything” meant because I believed human interactions followed such a linear process and that surely something stupid or out of the norm would not work… Until one drunken night I told a girl she was sexy as fuck and pulled her into a make out soon after. The high I got from being able to open so easy really got me into a “I don’t give a fuck what I say” zone that night and I tried other things. Remember: even if what you say after the initial opener does not match it’s content, as long as you can get her attention in the first place, she will respond positively throughout your interaction. Another example of what I use is, “He… Ho… Ar… Yo…?” I half say the word and hold my hand out ready to shake hers. She usually stares at me looking puzzled, but every time I’ve used this opener, it has grabbed a woman’s attention. If you are not feeling creative, then simply use “Hi.” that yields similar results.

Summary: Anything that comes to your mind when seeing a woman qualifies as a good opener. If you cannot think of anything, hit her with something simple like “Hi.”

Interview Questions Are Not All That Bad (Be Ridiculous)

What I am about to say is slightly dangerous, but bare with me. In a lot of pick up circles and even in popular mainstream media you hear dating experts telling you not to ask standard first date or general interview questions. That is true to an extent. However, I fall back on interview questions more often than not, and I make them work. How? Well, I turn it into a humorous “I don’t take you serious” question process. Where-as most gentlemen will ask, “So what do you do for a living?” and the girl will respond with “I work at a coffee house,” I’ll use this structure and make it funny. How do I do this? Instead of being a beta bitch boy who dries up vaginas by responding with a standard line like “do you like it?” type of response I twist it around and turn the whole question into a playful vibe-building joke. So, with that being said, I would respond with “Do you work at the coffee times down the street? Because I’m pretty sure you spilt coffee on me last time I went in,” followed by a cocky smile of course. She will probably laugh and give you a “No!” response, to which you continue being playful and call her an ass-hole, etc. etc. sex.

Summary: Always look for the absurd in her responses and do not be afraid to confidently throw those absurd thoughts at her.

The Power Of “Why?”

Many gentlemen of game preach that you should challenge women. The idea of challenging women however, is quite simple. ALWAYS ask why. Even for menial shit, asking WHY she does things forces her to actually be critical of herself and in a subconscious way she now has to prove herself to you making you the more valuable person in the interaction. So, continuing from my last example, after teasing her about spilling coffee on you, ask her, “Why do you work at a coffee house?” It’s that simple fellows, and If you are feeling more daring, then be ridiculous and say “Why do you work at a coffee house? Other than to fulfil your sick fantasy of spilling coffee on attractive men…” Of course, I don’t advise trailing off your question that often, but it adds a nice comical touch to your conversation and builds and spreads great vibes. Another example I can use of a good why question is “Why are you out tonight?” or after she has told me why she likes a particular drink ask her, “Why do you like drinking so much hard liquor?” These are basic why questions and are excellent starting points, and they will most definitely push the girl into your favour.

Summary: ALWAYS ask a girl why, “Why do you wear such vibrant clothing?” “Why do you study kinesiology?” “Why are you so cold to people who are cooler than you?” etc. etc. sex.


Conversation should not be forced like some pick up gentleman may have you believe, but it should feel natural and mutually good for you and the female you are speaking to. These three conversational rules are far easier than reciting canned responses to women, and I can say with confidence these all work towards giving you good grounding when speaking to a woman or group of women. As always, I do not suggest tackling every single variable of this article at once, but to go out and try as much of it as you can until it works for you.

Learn Game Naturally

When I started learning game I was convinced that in order to do my first approach that I needed to know every aspect of the interaction, down to the girls hand movements, before I could succeed. After reading book upon book, I finally did my first approach… It sucked and I even I told myself, “but you know every aspect of game, what women want, why did this go so bad?” It later realized that it was because I tried to stuff every single element of game into one interaction without actually having practiced any one of those elements individually.

This is when I started to learn game naturally. I would approach women, almost ignoring my pick up teachings, and hope for the best. Then, if something did not work, I would look to pick up books to help me iron those issues out and would slowly add that element to my arsenal if I felt it worked. I no longer treated pick up books as bibles, but more like shared experiences that other gentlemen have had, and if I felt that an element (opener or behavior) I learned from the book fit my personality, then I would use it.

New gentleman to game often times glorify one pick up artists and feel as if they owe their livelihood to that method of game. There is some merit to this as some gentlemen do experience success, but that very success is hollow. The system is only a system, and they simply become a cog in making it work. They do not find fulfillment in the end because their true nature, whether that be a nerd who loves programming or a gentleman who obsesses over chess, is hidden behind a mask. They are only projecting a show for women, and not projecting the core of themselves.

True confidence will derive from you learning things on your own, taking risks on your own and ultimately not being afraid of who you are as a person. Some gentlemen will rag on you, some women will laugh at you, but the only thing that matters here is how you handle it. Do not hide your interests because a woman thinks that is lame, or because your man friend tells you it is not attractive, but embrace it and embrace it whole-heartedly and people will respect you for it. Now, the irony here is that you will gain some confidence from the new found knowledge you have gained in reading pick up articles/books, and I myself preach certain elements, but you should only take these elements if they fit the core of who you are as a person.

When I meet a girl I do not focus on displaying higher value, I do not focus on if she is sending me indicators of interest, but I focus on stimulating conversation and reflect on how I would have displayed higher value or gotten her to be more interested later. If you saw my game in action you would think it is pretty straight forward, and I have been accused of only getting successes with women because of my looks. That is far from the truth. All I do is project myself in a confident manner, and women like that. When you do not adhere to a script, you learn game organically and naturally, and to some degree you are forced to put your personality into it, because your personality is all you have to fall back on; not canned scripts. That honesty helps you build not only confidence, but game.

This is not a write-up to take away from great gentlemen of game, because there are certainly excellent methods out there to getting successes with women, but when you turn those pick up teachings into an all-you-have ideology, then you are losing sight of yourself and your game will only fulfill a script, and not who you are as a person.

Try this, approach without a goal in mind, just try approaching without using canned materials or systems you have seen on YouTube, and say whatever comes to mind. What’s up is even a suitable opener in this case. You will be on your own for this approach, and you might say things you are not used to, but here you will find honesty and through honesty you will feel a sense of fulfillment that is beyond the core of masking your true self.