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Smokers Lounge, Week 3

What I’m Smoking

Anthony over at Cigar’s City has kept me fairly occupied with his last shipment of cigars, but I’ll wait to release those reviews individually. In the meantime, I actually tried a new cigar I had never tried before today, the Don Tomas Maduro.

Don Tomas Maduro

I bought this cheap cigar having never tried this brand before, and I have to say, I was surprised. It was only $5 dollars for a single, and while I will not say this cigar was overly complex, it did provide a relatively good smoking experience. The construction of this cigar was quite sturdy, and it burnt relatively well (slightly lop-sided, but nothing extreme). Reiterating, the cigar itself does not do much to separate itself flavour wise, but the flavour itself tastes like a quality tobacco. As far as I’m concerned for the price, you cannot go wrong with this cigar. Definitely a worthwhile experience overall, and I will definitely be buying these more often.

So, What are YOU smoking?


Cigar Review: Diesel Wicked

Diesel Wicked Cigar

The Diesel line-up of cigars is something I had been meaning to try for awhile. An acquaintance of mine had only positive things to say about Diesel’s line up, and noted that the selection he had tried had some very unique flavours not as common in most cigars he was smoking at the time. Interesting. So when Anthony over at Cigar’s City told me he was throwing in a couple sticks from Diesel I was excited that I would finally get to try out this brand. The good news is that the Wicked is a well constructed, robust cigar that does sport some very unique flavours. The bad news is that unique flavours do not always equate to making a cigar worthwhile, as is the case with the Wicked.

The first thing you will notice with the Diesel Wicked is it’s distinct extended red band that is placed at the tip of the cigar; probably added not only for visual appeal but to foreshadow that it tastes different than most cigars you will try. Additionally, the standard band itself is a weird mesh up of pink font with a charcoal background. The Diesel Wicked itself feels like care was placed into it’s construction, with a weight that feels slightly heavier than most cigars of this size, and a wrapper that feels relatively smooth. Conversely, cutting the cigar was fairly easy and did not damage the wrapper at all. Nice.

I had been told the Diesel Wicked was a full bodied cigar, and the cigar definitely makes you aware of it’s full bodied nature in the first few puffs by overwhelmingly tasting like a harsh charcoal. Fortunately this awful charcoal taste subsides and you are greeted by a more pleasant flavours that I can describe as tasting of wood and leather. Unfortunately there is an after taste that I can best describe as tasting like a sweet meat. While I thought that maybe this weird sweet meat flavour might subside or possibly become less pronounced to make way for the otherwise pleasant wood and leather flavours, it doesn’t. Unfortunately it actually felt like this meaty flavour only became more pronounced as I puffed on this cigar. It was only until the last quarter of the Wicked that it felt like this gross meaty flavour subsided, but for obvious reasons this is not ideal for a full bodied cigar such as the Wicked. Otherwise, if you enjoy nice thick draws of smoke, the Wicked delivers on this front, but it’s a matter of whether or not you want to endure the gross meaty flavour that accompanies those thick draws of smoke.

I had high hopes for the Diesel Wicked, but it mostly failed to deliver. With that being said, I am staying open minded about the rest of Diesel’s line-up, and hoping that maybe the Wicked was simply the black sheep of the bunch. The cigar does have it’s allure by offering nice construction and an appealing extended band design that is sure to entice naive buyers, but that is pretty much where the positives of this cigar stops. To be fair, I might just be the odd man out in disliking the meaty flavour of the Wicked, but unless you want to plop down whatever the cost of your cigar shop might be charging for this stick, I suggest steering clear of the Wicked.

If you are interested in trying the Diesel Wicked cigar, check out Cigar City.

Smokers Lounge, Week 2

What I’m Smoking

With the holidays coming to an end I have been smoking less. In turn, I only sat down for one cigar this week.

Romeo y Julieta No 2

I had been meaning to try this cigar for awhile, but due to other cigars I had been smoking at the time, this one has been in my humidor for about a two months now. The packaging follows the striking white and red tube that is standard amongst the Romeo y Julieta line. The band also follows the same colour’s as the tube does. The construction of this cigar is nice, and I found it fairly easy to cut this one. The burn is relatively nice, with the ash staying fairly strong throughout. However, with all these pluses, comes the most negative aspect of this cigar: the taste. Unfortunately, unlike the number one, the number two seems to have an unfortunate after taste that I would describe as bitter sweet. The gross after taste did not go away until I was about a quarter done this cigar. The base tobacco itself is fine, but it is brought down by the overwhelming bitter sweet after taste. Overall, I doubt I will buy another one of these, and if I’m feeling like a cigar in this line, I will most certainly stick to the number one.

How unfortunate.

So, What are YOU smoking?

Cigar Review: Partagas Black Label


My first foray into the Partagas line of cigars was the Presidente, without derailing this review too much, I liked the Presidente quite a bit and have been fond of Partagas cigars ever since. When I was informed that I would be getting to try the Partagas Black Label cigar I was excited as it has been a year since I last touched a Partagas branded cigar. I smoked my Black Label cigar soon after I got it, and while I enjoyed it, I could not recommend it to a casual or amateur cigar smoke; this cigar is the definition of bold tobacco in a full bodied package. Thick smoke and excellent burning time, but not as flavoured as some might expect.

When I received my Black Label cigars, they did not come packaged in anything distinctive – simply plastic wrapped and bare. The cigar is accompanied by an eye catching band, using gold accents, with a black base and white lettering. The first thing you will notice about the cigar itself is that it is very thick and sports a dark brown wrapping. The bare minimum packaging is probably attributed to the fact that these cigars came from their original box. Of course, as a smoker you should not base your entire opinion of cigars on the packaging, but for the sake of this review, I think you the reader, should know all aspects of the cigar at hand. Regardless, both Black Label cigars that I received cut nice, and the wrapper failed to lose any integrity tin either of the cigars that I had cut. The wrapper is not incredibly soft, but it is not rugged either, it has a level of stiffness to it that does not seem to be the result of poor storage.

The Black Label’s flavouring is not that complex, and tastes predominantly of a bold well-rounded tobacco. Within the first five minutes of the burn however, you are greeted to an almost bitter cocoa flavouring. Reiterating, the tobacco is the most predominant flavour in this cigar, but unlike other full bodied cigars I have tried of this size the after taste from the tobacco never becomes overwhelmingly bitter. The best way to describe the taste of the tobacco would be smooth but bold. About half an hour in, I would say the flavour stays consistent. An aspect of the Black Label that makes it enticing is it’s excellent draws accompanied by nice thick smoke. The only issue I have had with the Black Label is that it appears to burn unevenly, and while I initially chalked this up to me not lighting this thick cigar properly, attempts at preventing uneven burning in my second Black Label proved futile. The ash is a light grey, and stays quite structured throughout the burn, meaning you will not be ashing the Black Label too often. In addition, the burn time of this cigar is most pleasant, with both Black Label cigars lasting me within the hour range. Furthermore, even down to the last quarter of this cigar it did not taste of harsh filler tobacco like you might expect from a cigar of such thickness, which goes to show the excellent crafting of this cigar. I must note however, that for less seasoned smokers the boldness of the flavour and thickness of the smoke may be off-putting.

The Partagas Black Label cigar is not for the casual smoker. In addition, I would argue that a cigar of this caliber deserves to be smoked sparingly due to it’s bold draws and long burning time. If you enjoy full bodied cigars and want something bold and long lasting, then this is the cigar for you. Throughout the full burn time, the tobacco’s boldness never becomes gross or bitter, and the accompaniment of the cocoa flavouring serve to make this a well rounded full-bodied cigar. For seasoned smokers who want something bold (note: that’s the keyword for today) then I give full recommendation for the Black Label cigar.

If you are interested in trying the Partagas Black Label cigar, check out Cigar City for excellent prices on this great full bodied cigar.

The Shift.

I am currently in the midst of shifting this blogs focus. For scant posting, I seem to get quite a bit of traffic that is pertaining to one of my main loves: cigars.

I want to give this blog a shift towards it’s initial focus of cigars, and have some exciting updates following shortly.

Stay tuned.

Variety Store Cigars

I think it’s a little bit odd that I created a blog that was founded on me smoking cigars after getting laid one night but there is an incredible absence of cigar talk present here. So, with that being said, instead of writing glowing reviews of my favourite Cohiba or standard cuban cigar talk, I’m going to bring this one back to my roots…


You see, my first introduction to cigars was actually a good one. I was at a party with art kids in attendance, slightly drunk of course, and one of the fine gentlemen there offered me a cigar that he had picked up from cuba. Now, I’m not certain of the brand, but judging by the taste I’m fairly certain it was a Romeo y Julieta, and from that moment on, I was sold.

Despite this though, and more accordingly to my roots, I would hang out in drug dens while older drug dealing gentlemen would pass around bags of Backwoods or packs of Swisher Sweets to either smoke, or cut open and roll their weed up with. I was always fond of the cigars and despite the ironic scumbag image that these gentlemen gave said cigars, after trying my first, arguably best to some (see: Romeo y Julieta), cigar, I decided to go down to my local variety store and spend ten dollars on a couple different cigars only out of pure interest hoping they could imitate my first experience. I would later hang out in other drug dens and bring along packs of cheap cigars to smoke with the gentlemen who occupied them, and over time I have grown accustomed to having certain preferences for cheap variety store cigars and actually really enjoy some of them.

Of course, these cigars are not even remotely close to a nice Cohiba, and I know veteran cigar smokers will look at this as drivel, but, I believe like cheap beer has it’s place in every beer connoisseur’s fridge, cheap cigars have their place in every gentleman’s humidors.

1. Phillies Blunt Chocolate Cigars

This is one of the few cheap cigars you will buy that has a smell that does not smell cheap like other cheap variety store cigars you may purchase. In addition to the decent smell, the taste after the initial puff is very good. Something about the chocolate flavouring that covers this cigar burns well with the cheap tobacco. However, I must note that about less than halfway through burning, the poor quality of this cigar really does show, and unless you smoke cigars out of habit, smoking the rest of this cigar becomes slightly gross. However, for a good relaxing moment, this cigar does the job just fine and has become one of my favourite variety store cigars.

2. Pom Pom Opera’s

These fall more into the cigarillo category, and because of that the smoke is a bit harsher. I never intended to try Pom Pom’s because I had some weird bias against the cigar’s packaging, but I was randomly gifted a pack of them by a girl I was seeing, so I decided to smoke them. The initial taste is a bit overwhelming, but that is a result of cheap tobacco and small size making it harsher, but, as you keep smoking the little Pom Pom, I’ve noticed the taste of this cigar unlike Prime Times or Colts, is a bit smoother tasting and somewhat enjoyable. Maybe I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt like there’s a chemical taste to Prime Times and Colts, but Pom Pom Opera’s – not the tipped ones mind you – don’t really seem to have such a taste. Not bad for seven dollars.

3. Backwoods Original

I always avoided these cigars because the packaging really seemed cheap as fuck, more so than other cheap cigars, and I deduced that because of such cheapness, these would be even worse than other variety store cigars. However, despite drug den gentlemen smoking these with their weed, a good friend of mine who mutually enjoys finer cigars brought over a bag of these to my place one night. Overcoming my ignorance I decided to try one. I was surprised as this cigar, similar to the Pom Pom, didn’t retain the chemical flavouring of other cheap cigars I have smoked, but burned fairly well and even smelled decent. The initial taste Is fairly smooth considering, and the overall smoking of it is an enjoyable one.

So gentlemen, there you have it. My top three variety store cigars. Again, these cigars don’t replace my usual smoking of a nice import cigar, but there is a time and a place for variety store cigars and these three seem to be the best tasting ones for such a low price. Keep in mind, cigar smoking for a lot of gentlemen is personal, no matter what cigar you smoke, but having lingered in the cigar-o-sphere (coined a new term?) for some time, this is a small contribution that I hope some of you can appreciate.


I like fucking, smoking cigars and cheating on my girlfriend(s).

I am not some sort of level 99 pick up artist who can stare at a woman in a way that entices her to touch my penis on command, but I do know how the sexual market works and am confident in my navigation of it.

So what is this blog about then?

A twenty-something-year-old man who lives in a society that does not give a fuck about him.

You could call this a mansophere blog, a shock blog, or somewhere in between, but I would prefer to describe it as the diatribes of a gentleman interpreting his social world armed with the power of experience and science.

So, let us smoke a cigar and have a hearty discussion.

Man to man.