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False Alphahood

I see it all the time. A beta-bitch-boy steps out of his comfort zone and does what he assumes is masculine. He does this in ways such as acting aggressive when entering a room usually by slamming the door, or even by trying to belittle other men around him, but not loud enough for those men to hear him. These actions of course are only done in front of a woman and It usually results in one of two responses:
1. The woman does not notice it out of awkwardness for the beta, or because she genuinely does not care.
2. The woman quickly puts the beta-bitch-boy in his place through asking why he is acting weird or by pointing out that his action was unjustified, or the woman will make a silent demand of the beta bitch boy to assert dominance over him.
Sadly, these beta-bitch-boys are fulfilling a script, one that they assume is the route to masculinity and the script that they look to when their girlfriends cheat on them or females friend-zone them. These beta-bitch-boys live in a state of false alpha hood.

Unlike the beta-bitch-boy nice guy, these betas do understand that women like some element of masculinity, but they are apologetic about that masculinity the second the girl they act in front of shows any level of discomfort. Essentially they are beta-bitch-boys with a slight edge, with an emphasis on the word edge. I have a male acquaintance that I see at friendly gatherings from time to time and he embodies this beta-bitch-boy with an edge model perfectly. For the sake of anonymity we will call this beta-bitch-boy, Bob. Bob has an overweight girlfriend named Helga. Hela always sits around at these gatherings, and she always seems dissatisfied with everything going on (probably because she is overweight) and silently makes judgements to Bob about everyone while Bob sits there and shakes his head like a dog wagging his tale after receiving a treat. Bob however tries to be one of the guys more often than not, and will agree when we gawk at an attractive female on the TV or will try to jokingly assert that he too dominates his relationship and will keep his “bitch in line.” This is met by Helga giving looks of disgust and Bob quickly, and silently, apologizing. I notice every time after Bob tries to imitate a real man, and I’m not even sure Helga is consciously aware that she is doing it, that Helga will ask a request of Bob. “Can you grab me a pop Bob?” “Can you go to the truck and grab my sweater?” “My back hurts, can you dig through the fat and massage my muscles?” Helga keeps her pimp hand strong, and Bob gladly wags his tail every time Helga opens it.

Bob and Helga are a common example of beta-bitch-boy with an overweight girlfriend model, and a typical example of false alphahood. Examining the above story, Helga allows little Bob to joke with the guys, let’s him jokingly act dominant, but she never lets him dominate her. Bob can at-least rationalize to himself that he is acting the same way real men act with their girlfriends, and therefore he tells himself he is fine being dominated by Helga. Helga however, she lusts for a real man, and she hopes that the cookie crumbs she has laid out to manhood for Bob, will eventually fill Bob up and make him a grown man who takes charge.  Helga will continuously test Bob’s manhood with one of her fine-tuned request-tests, and her fat pussy salivates at the idea that he might say no, but Bob is a bitch-boy of routine, a bitch-boy of feminine honour, and to Helga’s pussy’s disgust, Bob’s tail starts wagging and he happily says yes. As I found out later, and had already assumed, Helga cheated on Bob with one of her ex-boyfriends. Naturally, Bob got upset, but that upset was not directed at Helga. No, that upset was directed at the ex-boyfriend, after all, how dare he act like a man and attract Helga. As I learned later, Bob and Helga barely even had a fight about it, Bob swiftly got back with Helga. A month later I read that Helga was going to dinner with this ex-boyfriend and a couple of her other friends. Bob suffered in silence. What a good beta-bitch-boy. I saw Bob and Helga again the other night, and it was the same story: Bob jokes about being the man who “keeps his bitch in line” and Helga does her manhood aptitude test by hitting him with a juvenile request. Small trade off to kind of feel like the man. Right?

Beta bitch boys will adapt to whatever demands they perceive the group of females as having, but much as we see with Bob, beta bitch boys will try to leave this mould through actions that suggest masculinity, but ultimately this false alphahood is only a small thirst quencher of what being a man is like. Gentlemen like Bob (see: beta bitch boys) who try their hand at alphahood will be punished and condemned to beta-tude by their female leaders. Gentlemen like Bob are unfortunate cases, because they will always that there is a crack in their masculinity and they try to fill that crack with approval of a female only to find out in the end that it does not fit. Female approval might fit the crack at first, but this forced insertion into the cracks will eventually loosen it self and fall out, and sadly each time Bob picks female approval back up and forces it into the crack of his masculinity, the crack grows…

And that crack grows until Bob’s manhood is ultimately broken.


The Interesting Man

Two summers ago I met up with a gentleman who was learning game just like I was. We had both read similar materials, believed in the same evolution theories supporting them and had been steadily working towards making pick up a lifestyle change. However, despite a supposed-strong motivation to embark on our route, I had something that he did not: hobbies and life goals outside of pick up. We are walking down the street on a particularly gloomy day and I am rambling on about how canned conversation is not really for me, and I tell him, “I just can’t use canned openers beyond the opening line, I feel more under confident using the canned approach than if I was just rambling on.” He looks at me for a sec as if I’ve broken game-code and almost rudely asserts, “but then how do you stay interesting?” I simply respond, “I talk about my life.”

My game is nothing spectacular, I just relate her experiences to something that I might have done to find common ground, this in turn builds comfort and through that I capatalize off of the comfort I built and escalate sexually. The thing is, I could not have gotten there had I not lead a somewhat interesting life. Experiences are something everyone can have in their arsenal of pick up, and there is nothing that will ever stop you from getting more. Except yourself. If you feel like you are living a boring life, you don’t have to look too far to add some interesting experiences to it. Go hiking for a day, learn to sculpt, build a shed, help a charity out, or even explore nature. It doesn’t matter, these are things that contribute to you being a man of experience, and while the examples are nothing spectacular, they are things that contribute to your whole being as a man and form you into a jack-of-all-trades type.

“I spent all morning walking in the park, the weather is so beautiful!” she will tell you. “Tell me about it,” you respond, “I just went for the most exhilarating hike the other day! When was the last time you went for a good hike?”

When you have life experiences, no matter how big or small, and you can recall them fondly to a female in your presence, she will feel feminine because she will feel like she is in the company of a man. Why? Because a man who has experience in life is a man who is adventurous, and adventure is interesting. Interesting men build, interesting men create and interesting men get shit done. When you have an arsenal of experiences under your belt, you become that man, and that man is interesting to all women.

Some men have a fear of the unknown, and a fear of starting something new, and sadly those men will never reach the life they feel they deserve, even if they have an arsenal of canned openers under their belt; a pretty cover can not stop a book from being shitty. Recently I caught up with that pick-up-minded gentleman at a bar I like to frequent. I asked him how it was going, what he had been upto and how his quest for pussy had went. He told me he stopped focusing on the whole pick up thing, and is working the same job he told me about from two years ago, and that his successes with women as a whole had been limited. Initially I felt bad for him, but I remained reserved and said, “that’s interesting.”

The Other Side

Beta-bitch-boys will constantly try to reaffirm their beliefs that woman are perfect, or that a women is pure and virgin-like. An issue with learning game is that you quickly learn that these sentiments of female-perfectness are not true. It is not necessarily a woman’s fault either, societies slowly conditioned men to believe that women are perfect house wives, not sexual beings who live for carnal pleasures just like we do. So, when you unlock women, and you see them beyond the mask they are told to wear, it is hard to want to date them. Beta-bitch-boys will believe this mask, but gentleman of game will have fun getting women to take it off.

My first successful seduction-to-bedroom was eye opening to me, because yes I had read that women like a certain attitude or that women act a certain way in regards to that attitude, but until you experience it for yourself you don’t know the gravity of their true nature. Beta-bitch-boys will say: “She’s not like that!” when you tell a beta-bitch-boy how much of a slut that woman is in the bedroom… and before this seduction, I almost wanted to believe that. I openly talked with this woman and made her as comfortable as possible when speaking to me, and she had delved into her sexual history briefly, she confided in me how she likes to be fucked, and how a strong masculine man gets her pussy wet. This girl was also a girl in my class who all the guys gawked at and thought was an innocent girl who might have even been a virgin. I had sex with her and continued to have sex with her for a couple weeks after that, but knowing who she really was, and knowing what she really wanted, made me not want a relationship with her beyond sex.

Whoever reads this might assert: “but that’s because she’s a slut!” Well, if that’s true, then my logic would imply that every girl I have ever encountered is also a slut. Maybe I’m just good at seducing sluts? Not really. It is because women have similar impulses that men do, and when you learn to navigate women you learn how to make them feel comfortable. When a woman is comfortable with you, and I don’t mean boyfriend-girlfriend comfortable, but on a level that is almost above that, a woman will tell you her deepest desires, her deepest thoughts and give you least resistance to act on yours.

Learning to make women comfortable brings you to the other side of women, the side that most men rarely see, but the side that gentleman of game almost wish they never knew about. There will be that occasional woman who seems like she is just not comfortable telling you certain things, but that is because you haven’t made her comfortable enough yet or she is a virgin. When you enter the other side you will learn what she finds truly unattractive in men, you will learn why she despises that beta-bitch-boy you both know and you will laugh with her as she describes both. The other side is not a dark place, but one of mutual understanding, and one that opens up the realm to the sexual passions you both desire.

The true nature of women is found here and it is partially your job as a gentleman of game to enter it. Should you choose to embark on this route, you will be rewarded with sex and a deeper understanding of the female psyche, but will lose respect for women in the traditionalist manner we as men have always been told is right.

Some men may wish to not enter this place, but once your initial shock of women-not-being-perfect-beings fades, you are doing things to women that beta-bitch-boys secretly fantasize about but are too afraid to explore beyond pornhub. It is here that true sexual accomplishment starts to surface and it is here that you will gain a different feeling of masculinity. Sometimes I wish I was still naive and that women wanted to be courted in the ways that beta-media tells me they like to, but then I reflect on my own sexual desires and ego, and I realize that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You can take this write-up for whatever it’s worth, but until then, I’ll see you on the other side.