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The Problem With Nightclubs

I will attend night clubs when my other options are shot for the night, or because my friends have found themselves attracted to these particular venues for the night, but as a gentleman who does enjoy banging women, I would say that I have probably picked up two women in all my time going to night clubs. The pick up culture has this over-exaggerated view of how powerful it is to learn their tricks and then go into night clubs and use said tricks. I believe most worthwhile men who have built interesting lifestyles usually avoid nightclubs if they are looking to get laid simply because all your life experiences cannot be conveyed in an environment too loud and dark to display them.

As much as a girl might get vagina tingles at your push and pull techniques, those techniques do not work when the music is so loud she is blankly nodding in hopes you’ll fuck off. In addition, a lot of women automatically engage in deflecting anyone who approaches them no matter who they are in a night club; I assume this to be some ego thing for them. At this stage in my life, I do not care any-more to dedicate energy in trying to overcome women’s deflections, and simply disengage all together by keeping my approaches at a minimal in night clubs. I would prefer to talk to women in an environment where they are receptive to stimulation beyond EDM and party favours.

Simply, unless you are high energy as fuck and willing to be over-persistent, night clubs are a poor venue to get dates/bangs from. The issue with pick up is that many guys who go into it are not at their core these superfluous party animals, and those who act this way going into pick up material probably do so to over compensate for their lack of self worth (no research on this, just anecdotal observation). That is not to say that you cannot get laid at a night club, but unless you’re willing to put in an insane amount of energy (that is often hampered by alcohol consumption), your chances of getting laid are slim.

Now, there are gentlemen who excel at club game. As I said above, being high energy and over persistent works quite well in the club arena, and a slew of respect goes out to gentlemen who can pull doing this. My argument however is that clubs make poor venues for the gentlemen who do not want to follow this over-the-top narrative. Keep in mind the principle of contrast, and how standing out equates to status. Clubs assume a lot, it is assumed that men will generally go to these places to pick up women, and women and men come to expect this narrative as being normal. Unless you are playing the numbers game quite closely, chances are most women will assume you are like every other single male going the club, and thus you do not stand out from any other male there; poor contrast. However, when you approach women with more direct appraisals in more casual contexts, even laid back bars or house parties, women are less expecting of this and in turn look at you as standing out from most men; high contrast. You lose a lot of contrast going to night clubs.

My counter-venue to clubs are simple: house parties. House parties are the best venues for getting laid. You can talk, you can effectively work the room, and women are not naturally expecting men to approach them sexually (like they often are at a night club), and If all else fails, you can lay back and have interesting discussions with others on an array of topics. Night clubs lack all of these variables.

The second alternative to house parties are lounge bars. While they do carry some of the preconceived notions that clubs do (you’re just there to get laid), you must keep in mind that the women who stick around at these places are often looking for some level of stimulating conversation, so even if their guard is up about your sexual intentions, you can still prove yourself by conveying your interesting persona.

This was originally a post of mine on another gentleman’s blog, but I thought this was a worthwhile topic to discuss since I see a large portion of the manosphere still dedicated to club game. In addition, I have edited and added to this post as I see fit.


The Other Side

Beta-bitch-boys will constantly try to reaffirm their beliefs that woman are perfect, or that a women is pure and virgin-like. An issue with learning game is that you quickly learn that these sentiments of female-perfectness are not true. It is not necessarily a woman’s fault either, societies slowly conditioned men to believe that women are perfect house wives, not sexual beings who live for carnal pleasures just like we do. So, when you unlock women, and you see them beyond the mask they are told to wear, it is hard to want to date them. Beta-bitch-boys will believe this mask, but gentleman of game will have fun getting women to take it off.

My first successful seduction-to-bedroom was eye opening to me, because yes I had read that women like a certain attitude or that women act a certain way in regards to that attitude, but until you experience it for yourself you don’t know the gravity of their true nature. Beta-bitch-boys will say: “She’s not like that!” when you tell a beta-bitch-boy how much of a slut that woman is in the bedroom… and before this seduction, I almost wanted to believe that. I openly talked with this woman and made her as comfortable as possible when speaking to me, and she had delved into her sexual history briefly, she confided in me how she likes to be fucked, and how a strong masculine man gets her pussy wet. This girl was also a girl in my class who all the guys gawked at and thought was an innocent girl who might have even been a virgin. I had sex with her and continued to have sex with her for a couple weeks after that, but knowing who she really was, and knowing what she really wanted, made me not want a relationship with her beyond sex.

Whoever reads this might assert: “but that’s because she’s a slut!” Well, if that’s true, then my logic would imply that every girl I have ever encountered is also a slut. Maybe I’m just good at seducing sluts? Not really. It is because women have similar impulses that men do, and when you learn to navigate women you learn how to make them feel comfortable. When a woman is comfortable with you, and I don’t mean boyfriend-girlfriend comfortable, but on a level that is almost above that, a woman will tell you her deepest desires, her deepest thoughts and give you least resistance to act on yours.

Learning to make women comfortable brings you to the other side of women, the side that most men rarely see, but the side that gentleman of game almost wish they never knew about. There will be that occasional woman who seems like she is just not comfortable telling you certain things, but that is because you haven’t made her comfortable enough yet or she is a virgin. When you enter the other side you will learn what she finds truly unattractive in men, you will learn why she despises that beta-bitch-boy you both know and you will laugh with her as she describes both. The other side is not a dark place, but one of mutual understanding, and one that opens up the realm to the sexual passions you both desire.

The true nature of women is found here and it is partially your job as a gentleman of game to enter it. Should you choose to embark on this route, you will be rewarded with sex and a deeper understanding of the female psyche, but will lose respect for women in the traditionalist manner we as men have always been told is right.

Some men may wish to not enter this place, but once your initial shock of women-not-being-perfect-beings fades, you are doing things to women that beta-bitch-boys secretly fantasize about but are too afraid to explore beyond pornhub. It is here that true sexual accomplishment starts to surface and it is here that you will gain a different feeling of masculinity. Sometimes I wish I was still naive and that women wanted to be courted in the ways that beta-media tells me they like to, but then I reflect on my own sexual desires and ego, and I realize that I wouldn’t want it any other way.

You can take this write-up for whatever it’s worth, but until then, I’ll see you on the other side.