Smokers Lounge, Week 1

I am starting this series to discuss recent cigars I have tried throughout the week and more importantly I’m using this platform as an opportunity to interact with you, the reader, as much as possible. I encourage feedback and observations related to what cigars you are smoking or are interested in.

What I’m Smoking

With Christmas and New Years passing I was randomly gifted quite a few different cigars from family and friends. I got an overwhelming of variety store cigars, which unfortunately I ended up giving away since some of them were downright gross. Over the course of last week I probably smoked four different cigars but I’ll focus on the three that stick out in my mind however.

Century Sam Coronas
Before I really appreciated cigars and thought it was cool to smoke cigars, I would pick these up due to the cheap price point. As far as I’m concerned, these have no place in my humidor. To be blunt, the tobacco is cheap as fuck, and the flavour reflects this. I ended up with over ten of these at Christmas time, and I probably only got half way through one of them. I appreciate the kind gesture, but not my sort of cigar; I’ll probably end up giving away the remainder to the less picky.

Guantanamera Cristales
I had seen these cigars at the shop I frequent, but avoided them since I assumed they were low-tier cuban cigars as a result of the price point (I’ve seen singles selling from $3 to $6). As I have learned though, not all cheap cigars are entirely terrble, but unfortunately that is not the case with the Cristales. The shop I buy from always stores their cigars well, but the two I bought were relatively dry. Both burnt really poorly and this resulted in both cigars ashes being lop sided. The cigar’s flavour is relatively mediocre, with the flavour getting better as it burned, but still tasting generally bland. I must say, this cigar is a step up from most cigars that you get from a variety store (a lot of variety stores as well as the shop seem to carry these), but I would rather smoke the ones listed in my variety store cigars write up than smoke these again.

Romeo Y Julieta Cigarillos 
As far as cigarillos go, I always dug the Romeo and Julieta cigarillos. These were a pleasant little gift this Christmas, but of course, they may be too harsh for those who do not like the thickness of smoke from cigarillos. The tobacco tastes quite good in these, giving them a full flavour. There is not a whole lot I have to say about these, but they do carry the striking Romeo Y Julieta packaging, and burn relatively well for a cigarillo. I like to have a pack of these on hand for random walks or when I’m working in my study. I recommend these if you are in the market for some nice cigarillos.

So, What are YOU smoking?


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