Attack On The Manosphere – Spread The Gospel of Game

Over at Red Pill Game, there is an excellent post regarding what is going on in the manosphere. With that being said, I myself would like to take a moment to highlight the most vital part of this article:

Fight Feminism. Fuck and dominate Feminist women. Start a Game blog. Convert other Men. Tell your Red Pill stories and spread the Gospel of Game.

I am open to many people about the red pill, about how society does not give a fuck about men and how I have no sympathy for those who cannot see that. Starting a game blog, or a blog that roots for men, is the best thing you as a man can do in the digital world, and especially in time where men are no longer learning from men directly, but entering the rabbits hole through accidental Google searches.

My blog is dedicated to help enlighten men, and my blog serves as a contribution to the very manosphere that helped me find the path to becoming one.

Fuck you feminism.



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