Everything Men

Pick up artists, at least the ones that are fighting for the manosphere, have been largely misinterpreted by many readers/followers with the belief that being alpha is the end all be all approach to female/male relationship dynamics. I strongly believe that if you are approaching life from an abundance of pussy angle, then being purely alpha is the best way to approach things. However, if you want or enjoy having a committed relationship(s) as well, then you have to change things up or else issues will occur. The issue here is that being completely alpha and being in a committed relationship does not mix. You have to slip up sometimes and be what you have been taught is wrong… and become beta.

Women DO want beta males, but not in the way you think. They want the beta male when they are feeling vulnerable or low on themselves, and they want the beta male when they are feeling emotional, and most of all they want the beta male when they feel unwanted by their boyfriend/love-interest/alpha-gentleman. Beta males provide the validation that her ego needs. However, those same beta-tendencies are absolute pussy repellent… Sometimes.

Monogamy has bottle-necked the sexes. I would assume in caveman times the alphas would fuck the shit out of the group of women, the betas would get to join in sometimes, but rarely, and then the alphas would leave to do things manly-gentleman of that period would do while the betas consoled the females hoping that pussy would fall into their lap one day. Now, with monogamy pushing the one-person-to-every-person policy, men who want commitment have to not only be the alphas that fuck the shit out of women, but also that beta male that consoles them or else those women will leave or cheat on them. So as a man, while your charming lines and cocky remarks will most-definitely get the girl, they will only keep her invested for short term flings. If that is your sort of thing, then by any means go for it. However, if you want actual commitment from a female, you will have to put the game you so fondly live by away temporarily and give her glimpses of you as a beta male so she will continue loving you.

The factor of interest here to remember though, is that if you remain mostly alpha, but show her glimpses of you being beta, in her mind your alphaness will amplify. Why? Because it provides hard contrast and gives her that ‘fairy-tale’ romance feeling, and it warms her heart thinking she has tamed the untameable man… Until you become alpha shortly after and in turn amplify your alphaness even more. This combo will keep her in a constant state of love for you because you have captured all of her feminine needs, and you have given her the alpha male that fucks her so hard that it makes her WANT to be female, and you give her the beta male that VALIDATES her as a female.

Remember, while women leave or cheat on their boyfriends all the time for being too beta, they also do the same for men who are too alpha. While cheating is probably lessened for men who are too alpha, breakups are not. There are men who are so alpha towards their women that the women cannot take them past anything but a good fucking and an asshole who only used them for sex. Think to the standard romance films and the archetypal female friend who asks the woman why she puts up with her asshole boyfriend. The woman almost always responds: “because you don’t know him like I do.” That is female for: “he has a soft side that no one sees, and he fucks me incredibly well.”

If you want a true committed relationship and you want her to still love you after years of being together, then be the man that makes her say to her friends: “because you don’t know him like I do.”

Because that gentleman, is an everything man.


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  1. indefenseofinsanity

    Ah I remember reading this a while back and given my current situation I had to come and search for it. I was in such a slump, I gave off a couple beta moves on the first night; still got the bang so hopefully it wasn’t too bad. Just trying to maximize my results for date 2!

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