What Makes a Man Attractive?

Many of the traditional beta-bitch-boys I attend school with have stuck with the looks belief when it comes to the courtship of women. I do not completely disagree with it, but it’s a cop out for poor game.

Personally relating to myself, years ago I used to be a very small dude with, for lack of better wording, sketchy hair, overly-nerdy glasses and a peach-fuzz/beard monstrosity that made the creepiest of sex offenders look like classy gentlemen, but despite this, I was gaming then and I had my fair share of successes. Fast forward to now, and I look totally different, I have a mesomorph build, no longer wear glasses, tend to my facial hair and all around am considered what women look at as an attractive man.

I have been on both sides of the fence, so when I hear betas rambling on about how if they “looked more attractive” their sex problems would be gone, I realize how far-gone they are to reaching the manhood they want.

I put it like this:

IF you are ugly, but you are charming and witty and are not afraid of women, you will get laid.

IF you are attractive, but you are charming and witty and are not afraid of women, you will get laid.

Surely there must be some difference between the two… right? Well, I look at it this way, when you are attractive your ability to get laid increases, but not in the way you think. Women expect a certain man of mystery vibe from you coupled with charming responses. When you are not in the best of shape on the looks scale, women don’t expect much, but when you provide charming responses, they are thrown into a state of confusion because they only expected that from an attractive man.

Now, here is where my diatribe really matters, both of these traits only apply to entry-level noobs. What I mean is, you can mold yourself to be that jokester-charmer because you think you’re ugly, and get some successes, and you can mold yourself to be that attractive charming man of mystery type guy and get successes, but once you stop giving a fuck about personal looks and focus on not caring about what other women think, you will enter a whole new level of success.

I cannot say that things aren’t different on both sides of the fence, but they become irrelevant when you have iron-confidence in dealing with women. If you ever hear that voice in your head telling you that you need to be funny to get women to like you because you’re not attractive, tell it to shut the fuck up. Being an attractive man will get you the interview, but won’t always get you the job.

Actually, let me switch this up. Always associate attractive with physical traits when dealing with women and ALWAYS associate attractive with personality traits when dealing with men.

Simply men don’t need to be physically good looking to fuck, they need to be leaders of women to get fucked. To become a leader you can’t give a fuck about what other women think, but make them give a fuck about what you think of them, and that attitude is what makes a man attractive to women.



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